Getting Back Color Spray as Dual-Cursed Heavens Oracle


So a friend is starting a campaign with me and three people new to roleplaying. It's starting at first or second level and will remain there for a while. I've always wanted to play a heaven's oracle, but with the new people, I feel like I need to get the revelation that lets people re-roll a save, and dual-cursed removes color spray from the list. And a heaven's oracle without color spray...*shudders*

I was thinking Samsaran with color spray from a domain, but I can't find a domain with color spray (?!). Does anyone have any ideas?

Re-rolls are nice but not necessary. Play the character you want, let them learn the game.

yeah. Let them see what it's like normally so that re-rolls seem like a cool thing and not a needed thing.

It's the similar idea to the super healer cleric that heals every round the party doesn't care about defense or tactics always charges and relies on the healer to keep them up.

Yes it works, but it makes it a required crutch instead of something handy.

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