Clever ways to use a glamered weapon


Hello, everyone! So, I'llbe playing with an unchained rogue in a pirate campaign. The character will be a lying trickster type who acts like he's the greatest thing to ever grace the seas. He'll fight with a glamered rapier, so I'm trying to think on what can I glamer it into. So far, I've come up with a cane, a broom, a matchlock. .. What are some other clever ways to use glamered weapon?

A wand or staff of some type of healing...or a stick you say is that, and convince people that you'll heal them...then stab them

Completely unrelated, but I feel like I have to bring up my party's running joke of the Dagger of Friendship.

Have a diminutive sized dagger used by someone with at least -1 Str so it does non lethal damage. Everytime it hits, it also casts a Cure Spell, which removes the non-lethal damage then heals the person.

Make sure you take the Underhanded Rogue Talent to get max sneak damage on the first round of combat.

Why does this discussion bring back memories of the Heal Staff from old Final Fantasy games. Ah, nostalgia.

"Well how do you think a healing shiv works? Magic?

I really like the idea of making it look like a healing staff.

A pointer stick. "I could stab you there. And there. Like so. But I won't, I'm not a violent... why are you bleeding all of a sudden?"

Remember, the glamered property shuts down for a minute after you attack with the weapon. My characters often try to look more magical than they are, so a wand or rod would work for a rapier.

Ok, based on some advices here, I've decided to change class and go vigilante. Is there anything relevant I should know?

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