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I haven't been reading all of the threads in this forum, but after having backed a current Kickstarter from Mantic Games, it occurred to me that many of their science fiction line of minis could very well work for Starfinder. They have orcs, dwarves, ratmen, an elf-like race, and many stranger alien races for their Warpath, Deadzone, Dreadball and soon Star Saga games. The Star Saga game will also come with 3D furnishings (crates, weapons lockers, terminals, etc.) and doors, while their Deadzone line has walls and towers and such.

Not to mention all of the other lines from GW to Reaper, or the terrain from Armorcast and Hirst Arts. I can see some nice tabletops in Starfinder's future!

My hope is that Starfinder has its own minis, especially robot minis. The two closest gaming stores to me have a very poor selection of futuristic, especially robot, minis.

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I can recommend the INFINTY tabletop minis from Corvus Belli.
While it´s a nice skirmish game, the minis are really top notch scifi minis. Most are human, there are some drones etc as well as heavily armored mechas. Some minis come with swords, some with ranged weapons, some with both. There´s "father knights" or future samurai like minis for example. They also have an alien line which might be usable.

I do hope for some quality metal minis of ratfolks, kasatha and other Starfinder specific aliens though!

Depends on what style you want, but there's a very large variety of minis in all sorts of scales, some retro and some highly futuristic, with everything from Games Workshop 40K down to little one-person companies producing a small range for their own system (see Space Vixens from Mars, for example).

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If you have access to a 3d printer, this site has lots of stl models of different space ships, some free, some not. All printable to whatever scale floats your boat. Enjoy.

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Took a walk around Shapeways, this is pretty good for the scale we need, Irrational designs Not bad.

I've ordered a few ships from Shapeways in different materials and even at the cheapest level the detail is solid and the print quality has held up for months without problem. i havent tried painting any of them yet but its on my to do list. I like that you can get replicas of known properties, things clearly inspired by known properties and full on original works all at the same site.

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