Who Dm's and who just plays.

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I end up being the GM more then I get to play, simply because of experience. I have introduced a lot of people to playing Table Top Games, so I end up being the GM since they are just starting. Which means that unless one of them decides THEY want to try to GM I never get to play.

The Exchange

At the moment I mostly play a lot more than I GM, currently involved in three campaigns as a player.
I'd like to hop into the GM seat a bit more, but as my groups are all somewhat tied into campaigns I may have to drop out of an existing game first.

I like to play when I can but I almost exclusively GM. The main reason is that I'm the only one in my circle of players who has the dedication and work ethic to run a game for longer than a few sessions without get bored of the grunt work involved, truth be told.

Funny thing, I GM'd before I had ever played a PC. I had always wanted to try RPGs growing up, but didn't know anyone who was into them in the 90s so never had the chance. I started college in 2000 and made friends with a group of guys who had the 3.0 D&D books and who said they had all played growing up together in rural Kentucky. I would ask them to run games (which they all ostensibly had done and liked to do) but no one was ever really interested in putting in the work. So, one day I just said "Let me read your books and I'll run a game." Using borrowed books, I ran a homebrew game for about a full school year at their house having never been a player. Since then, I've continued to play with at least one of these same guys and am considered a pretty good GM. To this day I've played a hand full of characters in one-offs, but have only ever played 3 PCs for longer than a month or two in 16 years!

Shadow Lodge

I GM. I started off almost from the beginning as a GM. There are never enough GMs. I've told most of the stories I want to tell as a GM and would love to just play. After 30 years of being a GM I just don't have the enthusiasm for world building I did when I was 20. How's that working out for me?

I'm a Venture Agent for a reason. There are never enough GMs.

That said, I love GMing. I just don't have that creative drive to make home brewed campaigns anymore. I want to play though. I still love building characters and bringing them to life.

I only run homebrew settings. I've tried running games set in pre-constructed worlds and I just don't like them. It seems like things are too restrictive. I have a friend who wants to run a PFS game and has invited me to play, but I'm just not excited by the idea. He insists we read all the errata, no third party classes are allowed, and RAW are boring to me.

Granted I know little of PFS, but from what he's told me I just don't think I'd enjoy it.

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I find it harder to adapt in pre-constructed worlds. Plus I worry that i'm going to mess up the pre-gen worlds cannon and it will come back and bite me.

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