Saureya as an Itelligent weapon (Alakast)

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I always though that Saureya was an odd NPC and also that Alakast was pretty lame for a legendary weapon.

I was toying with the idea of making Alakast an intelligent weapon inhabited by the soul of a celestial. Alakast would be Nidrama's brother and like Nidrama, he was charged with protecting the realm around Cauldron.

Alakast would only be able to speak on Occipitus. So when the party got there he would "awaken" and take on the role of Saureya.

The only problem I'm having is coming up with a backstory as to how and why the celestial came to inhabit the weapon. Also reconciling that story with how he helped Adimarchus engineer the Test of the Smoking Eye.

I though perhaps that, like Nidrama, Alakast was not allowed to directly intervene with the mortal realm. As a way to skirt that law, he volunteered to inhabit the weapon. Since he cannot speak and is being controlled by a PC, he is helping to protect the realm without directly intervening.

I also think Alakast is a little weak. Bane is pretty good. (+2 and extra 2d6dam to evil outsiders) But I'm considered making the weapon +3 vs Nabthatorn and possibly Adimarchus. I am also considering having the weapon morph to the weapon of choice of whoever wields it. (seriously...who uses a quarterstaff?) The weapon would permanently take that form once it's attuned.

I thought this added some much needed flavor to Alakast and also eliminated an odd (imo) NPC.

I do need your guys help coming up with a good backstory though.....Any Thoughts?

Not all Intellligent weapons get to be Stormbringer. Intelligence has nothing to do with a weapon's power, nor really should it.

I like the concept. I would just be wary of allowing the weapon to become too powerful for the current level of play. I frequently use a system similar to 3.5 weapons of legacy that increase in power as the PC goes up in level, but without the associated penalties.

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Didn't Saureya turn up again in a later Dungeon magazine AP? IIRC, it was in Savage Tide.

Bellona wrote:
Didn't Saureya turn up again in a later Dungeon magazine AP? IIRC, it was in Savage Tide.

Possibly. I don't intend to continue these adventure paths after Shackled City though.

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