Havocker witch archetype and kineticist multiclassing

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As the thread title notes, what do you think the multiclassing results from taking the havocker witch archetype and kineticist are?

Would the kinetic blast levels stack, or would you have two totally different (but identical element) blasts?

What if you took an archetype like overwhelming soul with kineticist? Would one blast run off of Charisma and another Constitution? The same goes for Elemental Annihilator, would it be separate base attack bonuses for the blasts?

I'm leaning towards the above interpretations and I'm curious what other people think.

And before anyone chimes in with it, I agree that the havocker isn't an ideal archetype to take for really any reason.

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2014 Top 4

For reference, havocker can be found here.

two totally different blasts.

This thread bears resurrecting now that we have the Water Dancer monk archetype from Ultimate Wilderness. It seems reasonable that the two classes should pull from the same Primary Element (as only the Kineticist class can get expanded elements) and you only get new blasts when you get a new element (typically expanded element).

Resolving the primary stat to fuel the blasts when the two conflict and whether or not the effective kineticist level stacks for determining the strength of existing powers (ie, the blast, and utility talents, but NOT when they receive them or their effective level for picking them).

For myself (and my home games for now), I will do the following:
-Only ONE primary element (like bloodrager/sorcerer multiclass has to share bloodline)
-Only one blast per element (no double dipping to get cold and water, for example, at 2nd level, and short-cutting composite blasts)
-Player picks the stat to run the abilities off of (like with Ki Pool from Monk/Ninja). Other abilities, like AC for Elemental Ascetic, still run off of their intended ability score.
-Levels stack to determine raw power (blast damage, caster level, etc) but not the level to select new abilities.

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