My post was removed without any notification.

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Hello. Yesterday I had a nice discussion concerning adventure path design with some other members of the community. Today I find that that discussion has been removed in it's entirety, including my posts, and no notification related to the reasons behind the removal has been posted by the moderators in that thread or sent to my private messages.

Would it be possible to receive a clarification concerning that discusison in regards to what community guidelines in particular have been violated?

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Removed an unhelpful post.

Hey Klara, I apologize for the lack of notification in that thread. I thought it had gone through, but it appears to have gotten eaten in the ether. Essentially, tempers flared way higher than they should on our forums, and the responses to those heated posts were removed. If you'd like the text of one of these posts recovered for your reference, please drop a line to and we'll get that for you.

I am afraid I don't see "flaring tempers" in the community guidelines. Given that the discussion in question didn't violate any other guidelines as far as I can tell, does that mean that that guideline has been missed by whomever was typing them out? Terribly sorry for the inconvenience, I am just trying to understand how things work around here.

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The guidelines are just that: guidelines. They are not hard and fast rules for every given discussion, as our community is in constant stages of growth and flux. Some of the removed posts could be considered abusive or baiting under our Community Guidelines, however. It is our policy to also remove posts which respond or quote to removed posts for continuity reasons.

I would like to have back all the posts about Wrath of the Righteous, Transgendered characters in a fantasy setting, demographics, treating transgendered characters as people rather than things, etc. In short, Klara's longest post and my posts on the matter.

I am afraid I still don't understand. Who was abusing whom in that conversation? I would very much like to know what sort of behavior should I avoid in the future, since by my understanding of the word and intent of community guidelines there were no violations there. Obviously, there were, and my understanding is therefore flawed. I would greatly appreciate it if you explained it in more detail.

Chris Lambertz wrote:
Essentially, tempers flared way higher than they should on our forums, and the responses to those heated posts were removed.

Also, this is not true. Klara Meison's 100% lukewarm post was removed. These were not responses to heated posts.

Also, I know for a fact that several of my posts were not eaten because they were quoting things. They explicitly didn't have quotes at all.

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I think that there is a misunderstanding here: the specific posts removed that are being discussed in this specific thread were responses to posts which were heated and some of which did warrant removal under our Community Guidelines. I apologize if it came off as an accusation, and again am more than happy to recover lengthy posts for your reference if you send a message to with some indicators of which posts should be sent over.

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Removed a handful of posts because they contribute to perpetuating further drama on another user account, which out of respect for user privacy, we cannot disclose. Klara and Ashiel, you can find your recovered posts sent to the email addresses under your accounts. We are considering this issue closed at this point.

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