Thoughts on what Occult class to run in this.........

Strange Aeons

Have not had the chance to play any until now, and reading over the players guide, I saw the be carefull as some of them might leave you open to fear effects more than a regular type class.

Right now I am rereading all the classes so not sure, but any suggestions for this if I go Occult?

Otherwise a Cleric/fighter build would be the alternative I would run.



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The Kineticist doesn't rely on any emotion components, and can be quite fun (if a little complex).

There's also the "Abomination" Discipline for the Psychic, which gives you a way to temporarily become immune to fear.

The Medium casts very few spells, and so isn't bothered by fear effects that much. They also have pretty hefty will saves. You also get to effectively play 6 characters. I don't know if you'd consider that a mark in the class's favor or not though.

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I'm personally torn between Psychic, Occultist, Telekineticist, Mesmerist, and Medium myself. :-)

Otherwise I've always wanted to play a Cleric, or Inquisitor of Pharasma. :-)

Some of the Occult archetypes of other classes seem like they could be good.

Id Rager Bloodrager
Psychic Detective Investigator
Mindblade Magus
Sorcerer with the Psychic Bloodline (technically not an archetype, but it should be)

I could have sworn that one more class had an Occult archetype, but I can't remember what it is.

I wish they had a Psychic Witch archetype.

Thanks for the help gang

At the moment I think I have it narrowed down to the Medium or an Occultist.

Medium for the flavor of 6 different spirits and what I end up Seanceing up in all the spooky locations as I like a little more mystery to my games :), And gives the GM plenty of hooks to add his own twist to my local ghosts, if he cares to.

Occultist just because it could be quite interesting to interact with objects and the different schools of spells one can get.

Have not looked into any other books so I'll have to see what arch types and alternate class features are out there.

But its not final yet so if anyone has suggestions post em up please



I'm doing a Psychic with the Abomination discipline....

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Kineticist can end up with quite a low will save. In case any of the horror rules are in play.

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I plan to run the mesmerist. The get good Will Save and touch treatment lets them help their allies overcome mental status effects.

That, plus the mesmerist trick to mask misery, you can trick your way to helping the party get back on track.

A lot of my players have expressed interest in playing various Occult classes, not least because they just seem to "fit" with a Mythos game. The problem is getting around fear affecting emotion-based spells. I understand the idea of horror adventures preying on the PCs' weaknesses, and all that, I just don't want to nerf half the party right out of the gate.

I'm considering having only "Greater Fears" (from the "Horror Adventures" book) put the kybosh on psychic spells - at least for this AP.


If you pick Psychic, it's sensible to pick a discipline that can remove or ignore fear. (Or Rebirth, which can't, but has a flexible spell known, which is pretty cool!) The Amnesiac archetype is fitting. Generally, though, I don't care to play full casters when starting from level 1.

Mesmerist is a nice choice. You get a flat melee damage bonus to yourself, which is handy, and your spells work better thanks to lowering your target's saves. Psychic Investigator is a really good alternative here, though.

Kineticist is pretty much always great, especially in the third-through-seventh sweet spot. Human will let you have all the feats you need, so consider VMC. Aether Kineticist is very thematic.

EDIT: Whoops, missed that you'd narrowed it down! Good luck. X)

Daronil wrote:

I'm considering having only "Greater Fears" (from the "Horror Adventures" book) put the kybosh on psychic spells - at least for this AP.


I might do a bit of a compromise- make lesser fears cause a concentration check equal to your level. That's normally auto-succeed, but if you have a thought component as well, there's a slight chance of losing the spell if you don't take a move action.

My Medium class is working well, though I always end up having to get a champion spirit all the time, as I am the only heavy hitter with that in the group.

Hoping as we get through more of the 1st module (we are about half done it seems) that other ghosts might be more of use to have one day.

How are everyone else's occult classes doing in this so far?

So many haunts and we just leveled to 3, but the risks of being possessed is just to risky, so far anyways........

We have limited sanity rules so not an issue so far, but we chose to run with the full unchained Disease and poison and that kinda hurts like hell at the moment, but fun and different none the less


I have yet to run a non Kineticist Occult class, but every time I plan one I make sure to fit a few potions of Remove fear into my budget. If I recall correctly, it can be cast from the right kind of wand without an emotion component, so that becomes a more efficient defense later down the road.

If you do that, be sure to play up just how alien it is to be in such harrowing danger without feeling any fear.

Despite not being that big on Occultists, this seems to be the time and place for me to run one...

I know I'm late to the party, here, but I just wanted to suggest my old favorite:

Tome Eater Occultist, just so you can eat the Necronomicon (should it make an appearance.)

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