Mooncursed Skinwalker?

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My question is a simple one. Can a Skinwalker keep their Change Shape abilities while polymorphed with the Shifting Rage ability of the Mooncursed Barbarian archetype? I'm relatively certain that it's a no on the first part that emulates Beast Shape, since it's more or less a short-duration Wild Shape. But at level 5 they get Hybrid Rage, which shifts them into a hybrid form rather than entirely into an animal. Would the Skinwalker abilities be able to apply then?

I suspect probably not, but the idea of, say, a Witchwolf Mooncursed Barbarian is just too cool, and I want to find some way to make it work.

Polymorph wrote:
While under the effects of a polymorph spell, you lose all extraordinary and supernatural abilities that depend on your original form (such as keen senses, scent, and darkvision), as well as any natural attacks and movement types possessed by your original form. You also lose any class features that depend upon form, but those that allow you to add features (such as sorcerers that can grow claws) still function. While most of these should be obvious, the GM is the final arbiter of what abilities depend on form and are lost when a new form is assumed. Your new form might restore a number of these abilities if they are possessed by the new form.

I would say that you would lose it, as it is either an extraordinary or supernatural ability that is dependant on form. However, ask your DM. They have final say.

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