Dungeon has extra rooms. Encounters wanted


I’ve been working on a mega dungeon for the last few weeks but sadly I am out of ideas for the rest of it


Currently the party needs to go through a demiplane called the Caves of Chance. Basically it is an infinite number of completely separate rooms of varying size in of which everything is equally likely. I have made a little over 60 of the desired 90 rooms. Each room is connected to the others by a portal that is either hidden or requires specific conditions to be met in order to be used. Basically I need about 30 more self contained encounters that can go into a dungeon where anything is probable


Barbarian that tries to use diplomacy on everything first. Attempting to collect souls
Wizard that uses most his spellslots for comedic effect. Odd chaotic/law rp element
Warpreist who has a love/hate relationship with gnomes
Rouge that wants magic items and money. Recently fell in with a gold dragon and agreed to be less evil
Monk who worships RNJesus

Specifics for rooms:

• CR range 6-12
• Rooms should be on average 30min to complete
• A room can contain free treasure, extremely lethal monsters, a clever puzzle, odd traps, candy, weird magical effects, or anything in between
• Stealing encounters from movies, books, etc. is fine and even encouraged. Just be sure to let me know what it is from so I can nod knowingly if one of the players recognize it
• It is not a serious campaign so goofy stuff and 4th wall breaks are fine
• Note that rooms don’t necessarily have to be enclosed. I have 2 that are pillars surrounded by void and several that have an open sky. They can be as big as you like
• Specific stat blocks are unnecessary though page numbers to specific premade monsters would be nice
• Any NPCs that would have names need to be named
• Loot is optional as only around half the rooms need loot. Also try to keep it under 30k gp per room
• I already have several pure loot rooms. More are fine but will probably not be used unless they are very interesting
• A few more puzzle rooms would be appreciated
• Avoid over powered NPC’s that must be persuaded to help
• NO library themed rooms
• Be as mean or nice as you want so long as you think a player might enjoy it

I will throw in a share of my personal idea collection:

Many little creatures (monkeys?) with Uncivilized Tactics, aiding each other.

A treasure room where most of it turns out to be animated objects. Alternatively / an addition, one item can be a raktavarna (Bestiary 3).

Fey fighters (Monster Codex template), for the many extra feats. I'd go for the Combat Expertise based combat maneuvers here, especially Dirty Trick.

Opponents using Stunning Irruption to intimidate the party (both flavorwise and mechanically).

Barbarians with Groundbreaker, Body Bludgon etc. rage powers.

Sneaky foes who feign death and backstab party members afterwards.

Oracle maintaining a moonlight bridge and letting it disappear.

Cloakers wrapping themselves around PCs, so the others have a hard time to hit it (without hitting the PC).

Eldritch Knight with a Shadow Weapon spell.

Mimics...can never go wrong with a Mimic

if you Can take a look at "The Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad" a 2nd edition module with a very similar premisse where you go from room to room and they had over a hundred puzzle/encounter.

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A room with 4 statues facing the portal the PCs enter. If they turn all 4 statues to face a different wall, a new portal opens. Some walls are traps or summon monsters based on the murals painted on the walls.

Maybe include some intelligent opponents that actively try to turn the statues towards a different wall than the PCs are trying to turn it to?

If the room is not a rectangle or square, it will have more options (walls). Unless it's a triangle. :-P

* * *

A room with lots of cells filled with monsters. A puzzle or code system is used to open specific cells--and the wrong code opens the wrong cell!

* * *

A were-gnome attacks the warpriest!

* * *

A room that slowly spins. Use a paper plate or circle cut from a pizza box, and have it turn 45 or 90 degrees on its own initiative. Include some static features that do not spin, like buzzsaws and flying monsters.

* * *

A flooding room with a raised (2 foot high) fountain in it. Bonus points if the shark or gator-filled fountain activates 2 rounds after the water starts.

* * *

A golem or other highly immune monster that requires teamwork and planning to overcome, as opposed to lots of direct damage attacks and spells. (maybe lasso the golem with a chain attached to an anvil and push it into a pit or off a ledge)

* * *

Trash compactor room.

* * *

A boss-with-minions fight where the boss gets its powers from its minions, so the PCs have to determine if destroying the minions first is better than trying to destroy the boss first.

* * *

A magic mirror makes evil clones of the PCs! And the players control their evil clones against the regular PCs! (an already evil PC might spawn a good clone!!!)

* * *

An evil spirit possesses the PCs! It jumps bodies in quick succession, forcing the PCs to do non-lethal damage to each other--or not! You pass cards to all the PCs, telling them in secret who is possessed and who is no longer possessed.

* * *

A hydra in a room with a magic tree that has fruit of fire resistance (1d4 rounds). The PCs have to prevent the hydra from eating the magic fruit if they want to prevent new heads from spawning!

* * *

A frost medusa that turns creatures into ice instead of stone. She sits on a throne of ice with a bear skin rug covering it. The bear skin rug is a rug of suffocation! The icy floor breaks open and merrow with harpoons attack! Special ice mephitis with "icy grease" instead of fog cloud make the floors extra slippery.

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I like to give it a try also.

• A room that is entirely dark. The moment they light up the room, the room keeps casting shadow conjuration spells, filling the room with monsters. These monsters are only present as long as there is light (so turning of the light vanquishes them immediately). In order for your PC’s to catch on, maybe use the Shadow Plane Impeded Magic rules, and have the “conjured creatures” seem half formed in dim light. PC’s with Darkvision can see clearly that there are no creatures past the party’s light, and might also catch on.

• A doll house room, filled with dolls. Except some of those dolls are actually Halflings Rogues or Ninjas with the “Creepy Doll” alternative racial trait from Horror Adventures (page 40). It gives them the “Freeze” Universal Monster Ability, allowing to stealth in plain sight, pretending to be dolls.

• A room filled with Tooth Fairies, maybe with class levels.

• A room with a Giant, Advanced, some other template Gelatinous Cube?

• A large, maybe multilayered room filled with doors. All doors connect with each other through a variant form of Urban Step.Only one door is the real exit (maybe the one they entered the room with, although it is a bit cliché). Fill the room with small critters each time they traveled 2-3 times using the wrong door.

• A room filled with 5 Hoaxer Bards, who immediately try to unload their wares on the PC’s via their Buyer Beware ability. This can be as nuisance with simple yet stupid items (like a single ski, vomit capsules, stilts, etc), or plain mean with cursed items. You might want to steer clear from the deadly ones (like the necklace of strangulation), but the Ring of Clumsiness, Mask of Ugliness, Gauntlets of Fumbling or the Haunted Doll could be fun. Let the peddlers give them 2 items each and then let them leave the room (no need to drag out combat if they unloaded their “unwanted” items).

• A luxurios inn where they can rest. Maybe so luxurios that they don’t want to leave.

• A seemingly luxurios inn, where during the night they cast Nighmare on the PCs when they sleep. When they wake up, the entire inn is changed in a simple room.

• A room filled with Ghost Gnome Monks who use Bewildering Koan. The PC’s just need to go from Point A to Point B, but the Gnomes keep asking them strange, stupid questions. Not much of a combat room, just something they need to get through.

• A Primal Magic zone is always funny.

• A room with a Moose, and maybe some walnuts (from Invader Zim)

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A ship.

Possibly haunted, and definitely subjected to some scary weather and sea serpents and kraken.

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the creatures in the room want to leave that room but cant beat the challenge/puzzle/ or have the right movement mode.

1-25% been stuck a long time, a bit goofy, some of group has died for unknown reason... (Thought it was the key to leave, disease, infighting, starvation, mimic eats them when they sleep, etc)
26-50% they found a map to another room with rumored treasure or needed resource. Not looking to share, but willing to work together to leave that room.
51-75% one group attacked and killed the previous occupants, hiding from a monster that cannot enter. It finds a way in soon after the pc arrives.
76-89% the key to leave the room has a haunt that hitches a ride on a pc to escape room. The PC is still in control, just odd things happen until its need for something is met and it moves on to the next life.
90-100% roll twice and combine.

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One of the puzzle hallways I put in one of my own games I thought would be 'most hated' and turned out to be 'most popular' with the players.

The hallway is 5ft. wide and 100 ft. long with a 15 x 15 platform at either end. The entire length of the hallway is decorated on both sides with bas-relief marble images of monkeys doing various dances.

If you just try to walk down the hall, you get teleported back to the start and take d8. If you teleport to the far end (cheater!) you get rerouted back to the start and take d10 damage.

The only way through is either A) a series of progressively harder perform (dance) rolls - DC 6 through 25, in 1 point increments for every 5 ft square of hallway or B) for the players to stand up and the dances themselves - any semi-serious attempt bypasses the roll for a given square.

My players not only got up and danced, but they had a great time doing it. At the time, we were playing in a game store, in front of the windows that opened out onto the street.

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You can grab any of the bits of the appropriately leveled Jacob's Tower levels. Each level is meant for a different level. Level one is appropriate for level 1 PCs and so forth.

The entire tower is available free online. If you'd like to support the creator, and receive more comprehensive PDFs, each level is available for 1 dollar, with the entirety of it available for 10 dollars (save 3 bucks, if you were to buy all of it).
This is NOT my product. I want to make that very clear. I'm just a fan that ran through most of it.
The PDFs give you pregenerated stat blocks. The online gives you references to stat blocks to print out yourself.

Plus, since your whole shtick is about entirely different levels, you could even just take bits of it to use.

The Grate room; based on the Marilyn Monroe scene in the Seven Year Itch. The reference to 'Some Like it Hot' is another clue from a Marilyn Monroe movie involving cross-dressing men trying to escape mobsters, which may be a hint that your PCs (some of whom may be male) may need to put on the dress.

The room:
This simple 30 x 30 room has walls that are covered with numerals; up to maybe 10,000 or so.

The portal at the other side of the room is visible but inactive until the proper sequence of numbers is touched. There is no indication of how many numbers or whether the right or wrong numbers have been touched. There's no glow, or lighting up, or sound.

The center 5-foot square of the room has a metal grate. Laying on the grate, along the edge is a charred, nearly ashen skeleton with a vibrant platinum-blonde wig. Along the floor at the edge of the grate, as though the skeleton had written it with the charcoal of its own crumbling finger, is the phrase, 'Some Like It Hot'. The skeleton and phrase being a warning of the hot wind from the grate.

The only other object in the room is a pristine, white dress with a billowy skirt laying on the floor as though tossed aside.

White dress: The dress is a light-colored ivory with a halter-like bodice which has a plunging neckline and is made of two pieces of softly pleated fabric that come together behind the neck, leaving the wearer's arms, shoulders and back bare. The halter is attached to a band situated immediately under the breasts. The dress fits closely from there to the natural waistline. A soft and narrow self belt wraps around the torso, criss-crossing in front to tie into a small neat bow at the waist, at the front on the left side. Below the waistband is a softly pleated skirt that reaches to mid-calf or below the calf length. Tiny, ivory buttons line the back of the halter. The dress would probably fetch 1,000 gold for its craftsmanship alone.

The dress detects as magic and has been treated with an oil of timelessness to protect it from tears and damage. It also resists any staining or dirt and protects its wearer from the affliction known as the Seven Year Itch (even removing a pre-existing condition if worn for at least 1 minute).

Skeleton:Anyone touching or disturbing the skeleton causes most of it to just crumble to ashes and fall into the grating (not the whole thing necessarily, just whatever part is touched. Anyone in contact with the ash must succeed at a Fortitude save DC 15 or begin itching mildly within 1 minute. Examination of the symptoms and a successful DC 15 Heal check can identify the malady as an ailment known as the Seven Year Itch. (Disease, DC 15, Onset 1 minute. Frequency 1/day for seven years. 2 consecutive successful saves to remove. Effects: -2 to all skill checks from distraction.) It can be cured by a remove disease or similar spell. Anyone wearing the white dress is unaffected by the malady.

Wig: The wig is real and is masterfully made, probably worth at least 100 gold for its color and quality. Anyone not shaking or dusting it out first must save vs. the Seven Year Itch once per minute worn, as above.

The Grate: If anyone steps onto the grate, a strong wind suddenly blows upward, as though from some hellish location below (which doesn't exist if anyone bypasses the grate, it just appears to be a small alcove.) Anyone standing in the gust of wind takes 2d6 fire damage from the infernally-hot wind (it's heat, not flame, so it will not ignite flammables) and any loose items are blown upward.

If the ashen bones haven't been disturbed, they powder and crumble in the wind and swirl about like a black cloud. If the skeleton has been disturbed, the ashes blow up from below the grating where they crumbled. This will lightly cover anyone with ash and soot and require anyone in that area to save vs. the Seven Year Itch.

To find the sequence of numbers needed to activate the portal, someone must don the white dress on and stand on the grating. As the gust of hot air blows up from below, the dress's skirt will billow upwards dramatically. After two rounds, anyone other than the wearer (who cannot see the occurrence from their perspective) may notice that the ash and soot that should be covering the dress only seems to be highlighting certain small areas along the inner hemline (which is billowing upwards while on the grate.)

The ash and soot only highlight the dress where a series of numerals seem to be visible (and only while standing on the grate in the ash cloud). The become undetectable at any other time, even to magical forms of detection. While the wearer stands and potentially takes heat damage from the wind (the dress and wig are unaffected), an observer (or several in a circle) could move around the wearer and make note of the numerous numbers visible.

If those numbers are touched (in any sequence, but without error), the portal activates allowing exit from the room.

The white dress does not resize to fit its wearer, large or masculine wearers may strain it (and leave some buttons undone) while smaller (or small size) wearers may sag or swim comically in its skirt (possibly being blown off the grate if not stabilized).

Wearing the dress over or with other clothing interferes with the billowing and just feels 'wrong somehow' to the wearer. Undergarments are acceptable however (and may be appreciated depending on the wearer).

Wearing the wig is not necessary or required at all.

Effects like find the path only seem to center on the dress, the give no indication of the number sequence to activate the portal. If the dress is donned, the spell may direct its user onto the grating.

Other divination effects to find a way out may give at best one of the numbers required in the sequence, which could be any amount of numbers and any numbers at all unless you wish to place significant ones (like '1955' when The Seven Year Itch was released), or they may indicate the significance of the white dress.

If attempts are made to bring the ashen corpse to life, they fail, the spirit is long passed if it ever existed. Attempts to communicate with the spirit or corpse, like speak with dead may cause the skull and jawbone to quiver as though about to speak, then crumble into ash hopelessly.

Check Maze of the Blue Medusa for some tripped-out rooms...

A Room full of bubble water elementals.

A advanced animated can. (A can of whoop-arse)

Spiders... millions of them!

I am currently too lazy to come up with anything myself, so...

Check this out: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2mgi0?Help-me-with-Tuckers-kobolds-scenario#8

And this: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2np31&page=1?Make-them-Cry-The-DMs-Diabolic -Book-of-Mean

Puzzle room: A gigantic labyrinthian room with no map, as the maze constantly twists and turns. Every 10 minutes, they get to make Int/Wis/Know: Dungeoneering/Know: Engineering (at a -5 penalty)/Survival/Perception (at a -5 penalty) to find their way.

Important to the above:
The twist is, if they roll ABOVE a 5, they get lost - they can make raw Int/Wis checks with a DC of 20 to realize this with certainty once an hour. Only by attempting to get lost can they find their way.

james014Aura wrote:

Puzzle room: A gigantic labyrinthian room with no map, as the maze constantly twists and turns. Every 10 minutes, they get to make Int/Wis/Know: Dungeoneering/Know: Engineering (at a -5 penalty)/Survival/Perception (at a -5 penalty) to find their way.

** spoiler omitted **

What about this involves creative problem-solving? It seems like a series of die rolls. Plug it into a die-rolling subroutine and go eat nachos until your characters emerge from the puzzle..

I said puzzle because that was the closest category I could find. The creativity is in the players solving it themselves,

continuation of above:
as the puzzle isn't the die rolls. It's figuring out that they need to collectively deliberately botch the rolls.

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