Help wich my first Slayer


Hello guys,

I'm putting together my first character in Pathfinder and would like your help.
The unique requirements of the master was to be Dwarf, and no racial traits or any 3.0/3.5 D&D material, if only stick to Pathfinder.

My ability scores are:
Str 17, Dex 13, Con 19, Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 8
And i get a LV 3 char (Bloodrager 01, Slayer 02).

I want a good 2WF, mayber using 2 Earth breakes which Style Thunder and Fang?

This is the outline I created.

Lv 01 Bloodrager Bloodline, bloodline power, bloodrage, fast movement, Bonus feat (Weapon Focus: Earth Breaker)
Lv 02 Slayer Studied target, track
Lv 03 Slayer Slayer talent, Bonus feat (Ranger 2WF + Double Slice)
Lv 04 Slayer Sneak attack +1d6, +1 Ability
Lv 05 Slayer Slayer talent, Bonus feat (Style: Thunder and Fang + Weapon Focus: klar)
Lv 06 Slayer 2nd studied target
Lv 07 Slayer Slayer talent, sneak attack +2d6, Bonus feat (I2WF + Iron Will )
Lv 08 Slayer Stalker, +1 Ability
Lv 09 Slayer Slayer talent, Bonus feat (Studied Resilience, Improves Critical or Vicious Study)
Lv 10 Slayer Sneak attack +3d6
Lv 11 Slayer 3rd studied target, advanced talents, slayer talent, Bonus feat (G2WF + 2WRend)
Lv 12 Slayer Swift tracker, +1 Ability
Lv 13 Slayer Slayer talent, sneak attack +4d6, Bonus feat (Hunter's Surprise + Opportunist)
Lv 14 Slayer Slayer's advance 1/day
Lv 15 Slayer Quarry, slayer talent, Bonus feat (Twist the Knife + Evasion)
Lv 16 Slayer 4th studied target, sneak attack +5d6, +1 Ability
Lv 17 Slayer Slayer talent, Bonus feat ( + )
Lv 18 Slayer Slayer's advance 2/day
Lv 19 Slayer Slayer talent, sneak attack +6d6, Bonus feat ( + )
Lv 20 Slayer Improved quarry, +1 Ability
Lv 21 Slayer 5th studied target, master slayer, slayer talent, Bonus feat ( + )

If you want to build a thunder and fang weapon combo... that is a decent set up.

If you would like an alternative to this, look at the Dwarven Cleave Feat chain (so that they no longer have to be adjacent) and use a Dwarven Dorn-Dergar. (see Meteor Hammer if using d20pfsrd)

You can use reach or close, and with the 2 feats for it, even wield one in each hand so that you can attack at both close and 10ft.

As well, under the h-Orc race in the ARG are the feats Surprise Follow Thru and Imp Surprise Follow Thru, which mean you get sneak attack damage on cleave targets. Since you are Str based, Full BAB class, with a built in Attack increase from Studied Target, you should pretty much always hit on your first attack. Cleave uses the same bonus, so you never take the iterative penalties.

Needs: Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Goblin Slayer, Orc Hewer, Giant Killer, Surprise Follow Thru, and Imp Surprise Follow Thru.

Gives: Full attack bonus 2h weapon damage d10+1.5Str+1:3PA damage, plus sneak attack to anything after the first. With Imp Trip and Felling Smash you can also trip the first one as a swift action after hitting with a Power attack.

It is the build I am planning to run if I ever get to do Giant Slayer AP.

It's not meteor hammer, its called the Dwarven Chain-Flail

Liberty's Edge

Your Dex isn't high enough for this to work. Every TWF Feat has a prerequisite of Dex 15, and you're only grabbing some of them via the Ranger Style's ability to ignore prerequisites.

Assuming a Belt of Dex at higher levels, you can get away with just a 15...but you need that 15.

Actually, he is fine.

Double Slice and Two-Weapon Rend do not have a dex pre-req.

He takes TWF, ITWF, and GTWF at 2/6/10 which means he ignores the pre-req of dex.

In this case the text of double slice and two weapon rend list dex pqs, but the table does not. Text trumps table.

Liberty's Edge

Java Man wrote:
In this case the text of double slice and two weapon rend list dex pqs, but the table does not. Text trumps table.

Yup. This.

I stand corrected then. I have never actually taken either of these, so just looked them up quickly.

Thank you all for your help. Really picture fooled me too ...

Does this mean Steadfast Personality now applies to ALL Will Saves?

If not for the pesky FAQ that says the table is correct, then you would be correct.

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