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So for those of you who play PFS, you may be familiar with my work making stat block documents for PFS scenarios. Or perhaps you've seen my work if you've run the Emerald Spire and used the stat blocks up on PFSPrep. Well, I'm going to be running Strange Aeons coming October, and since I was going to have to research all the monsters and pull their stat blocks together anyway, I decided to take the little bit of extra time and make it available for all of you as well. I'll be trying to keep up with releases, but that'll get harder and harder the higher level the AP goes.

In my Strange Aeons Dropbox there are currently 4 documents. The first two are a .docx and a .pdf of just the normal stat blocks. These are literally copied from Bestiaries, with rules errata applied (see the Tatterman's attack line) and with extra rules added in for your convenience. The .docx and .pdf are there to make things easier for you for tablet viewing/if you want to use my document as a baseline and change it for your own home games.

The second set (the "edited" set) apply my own house rules to the stat blocks, particularly turning on Automatic Bonus Progression. It is probably less helpful to you all, but I uploaded them as well since they exist and I have the space.

The Strange Aeons Dropbox will be updated as more volumes come out and I complete my prep for them.

Wow. Nice work - and thank you, very much, for sharing.

Good to see some free Strange Aeons statblocky stuff out there. ;)

This is way better than all the copy/pasting I was doing. Thank you!

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