Eldritch devices for your starship!

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1. A wheel half in an area of reverse gravity, used as the ship's generator.

2. Everyone's favourite old point-portals to various planes for use as electricity generation or even materials sources for shipboard replicators.

3. A magical teleportation chamber that attempts to teleport bombs aboard the enemy ship.

Add more! Or countermeasures to previously posted devices.

Technically isn't the center of stars in pathfinder a direct portal to positive and fire planes?

Although for the most part that might just mean one needs good shielding and the occasional cleaning out those fusion reactors. But it's not all a waste of time; Plasma Oozes seem rather well suited to guidance/warhead packages for anti-ship torpedoes and whatnot.

*edit: or rather I should say, they SHOULD be well suited, as in pathfinder rules they couldn't hurt a fly if the fly was an object because their damage is a pathetic separated 4d6 fire and 4d6 electrical

Magic in Pathfinder allows some cheap methods of perpetual energy as far as we can extrapolate... i am curious how Starfinder will handle that issue. I assume for most personal energy expenditure you wont really be tracking it; if you have access to a generator than assume you can always refill your power packs. The only time i see it being an issue is for starship fuel and possibly using automated construction/enchantment mechanisms.

Back in the day (early 2000s) I ran a modern fantasy version of D&D 3e where miniaturized rust monsters could be loaded into mortars and rocket launchers (headcrab style) which went to work ablating the armor of enemy vehicles once they were launched on top of them. Basically they were like Star Wars buzz droids but they ate metal indiscriminately.

Magic teleporting for boarding enemy ships.

Magic teleport trap vs boarders.

Magic hole to put boarders in.

Enchanting your gun into a "robot" so it stops costing 10gp a shot because the only other way to recharge it yourself would be a colossal artifact building, or *two* of them just to craft batteries?

No wait, that's regular pathfinder.

We can probably hopefully look forward to reasonable applications of infinite energy, as well as massive capacitors that put the steady output of your twin-spheres trash reactor to good use.

One of the biggest other advantages may be in life support and infinite reaction mass.

Decanter of endless water = constantly regenerating ablative ice armor.

Make a Heavy Water variant and you're but a shocking dagger from infinite fusion fuel and oxygen.

Jamie Charlan wrote:
Make a Heavy Water variant and you're but a shocking dagger from infinite fusion fuel and oxygen.

I've seen this mentioned before with a flaming dagger and decanter of water creating a perpetual steam turbine.

I dunno... that feels more galaxy-express than *ships* in space, ya know?

Spell traps of make whole distributed along the outer hull.

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Soulburner necromanctic reactor in an evil ship. Just plug in some slaves and go!

I prefer compact, reliable power sources. Twin-Sphere Annihilation Drives for example. I mean if we absolutely MUST be so saturday-morning in our villainy that slaves must be what's fed to power our systems, we should at least make sure it's nice, compact and efficient!

At the very least, desoul the slaves at the fueling station, to save on all the space they need.

Umbral Reaver wrote:
1. A wheel half in an area of reverse gravity, used as the ship's generator.

This would require there to be appreciable gravity in the first place. And if your gravity drive can power your artificial gravity device… why are you bothering with a spell at all?

con man power drives that are really just unseen servants with a hand crank and a few days of existence before you are SOL in deepspace.

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