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So I'm thinking of creating a new PFS character and need some advice on a level split...
The character is a simple magic using blacksmith as a backstory, however I want him to have a familiar and a bonded weapon.
Because of all of this, I am thinking about going Wizard Conjuration Creation and Magus Soul Forger. However I don't know what level to split them. As this is PFS it only really goes up to level 11. I was thinking about going Magus 3/Wizard 8 so I get the minor creation wizard ability. The other option is Magus 6/Wizard 5 this gets me the magus arcana broad study... Any input would be great...

If you are only looking for a Familiar and a weapon, and not actually wanting to take levels in Wizard, you can pick up Soul Forger Magus and at level 3 use your Arcana to gain a familiar.

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Soul forger is a pretty bad archetype though.

I'd suggest one level of wizard to pick up the bonded weapon; divination is a good choice for your school. Then go full Magus so you can use the weapon well, and take a familiar with the arcana. Magus 10 / wiz 1 actually gets you better spells and abilities than M6/W5.

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