Foos in Tian Xia

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So having a terrible sense of humor, I was planing an encounter for either the Hongal or Minkai part of the adventure.

The players will encounter a group of five fighters(ish) hunting a pair of foo creatures.

I've always thought foos felt a little more Chinese than mongolian or japanese, but I haven't found anything about them only hanging out in the Tian xia equivalent of China. So are there any reasons a couple of foos couldn't have gotten lost in northern Tian xia?

As far s I know, there's no reason they couldn't be found outside Tian Xia. They're from Nirvana, and they can show up anywhere on the Material Plane.

Then the fighters of these foul creatures will gather!!! Huzzah!

Foul? Foos are good guys! :)

Yeah, but the foo fighters seem like pretty nice guys, so they've got to have a good reason. Not that I have any idea what that reason would be. I'll probably end up playing them as nice monsterhunters until the players find out they're hunting good outsiders. Who knows, I hadn't really thought it through beyond the joke.

Ha! I completely missed the joke before. Perhaps they should be arcane duellists or multiclassed bard/fighters. :) Also, you could have it that one or both sides have been tricked into fighting by an oni - a nogitsune would be a good choice for this.

I'm liking this angle. Maybe if they encounter them between the wall of heaven and Ordu-Aganhei they could be used as entertainment at that one feast.... Yes, this could work.... Though I feel this plotline is getting a little more convoluted than the one off joke it was supposed to be xD

Pity the foos!

Because they're relentlessly hunted by a mindcontrolled group of adventurers because of a one off joke that will probably end up (knowing this party) taking at least a session on its own. No my friend, 'tis the Dm with the punbased sense of humor I pity.

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