in character have you ever had the urge to stab another person's pc?

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my PC does not know what magics the ring has. and i dislike mixing IC and OC information. i try my best to keep it separated and to act how my character would in character. i try to ignore any information that does not pertain to my character directly.

I'm reading two problems. This jack ass player and your GM for allowing even encouraging him to be a jack ass. As a GM I wouldn't have allowed a character to interfere in something his character actually knew nothing about. The player was being a jack ass and I would have shut him down. Your GM should have, then encouraged him by allowing him to outright purchase a ring you already bought.
It's one thing to do minor things to screw with a player. Use their tent steal their bathtub, minor things like this. This was stepping things up since the minor stuff wasn't working. Me I'd discuss this out of game. If this doesn't work and I suspect it won't either walk away or just kill his PCs and keep doing with every character he creates until he figures it out.

Thornborn wrote:

Seems to me the wizard swung in through the proscenium to claim the prize you'd unearthed. You can blame him for that.

He is probably too shallow-souled to have given any thought to the ring's emotional value to your character. You can't blame him for that. You can pity him.

Your GM ought not have PCs that teleport from scene to scene, but it can be very handy when all the PCs are needed for the planned battle, and that's a sacrifice of logic to fun, so please be understanding that the GM may not have even thought about this.

The wizard has a ring of regeneration, now. He really doesn't need as much care and effort as the others. Triage puts regenerators last, right?

We can blame him for that easily. He's to blame, after all.

(See, just blamed him.)

That aside, I do agree. Sounds like a no more healing, ever, for Mr. Regeneration sort of situation. After all, he doesn't need it. Also, I love the overzealous amputations idea mentioned earlier. No need for a murderous response, but the spite shall flow freely.

I understand a player being frustrated with how another player is directing their character but try not to carry grudges over into the game as all you'll get is tit-for-tat feuding if you are not careful.

However, it seems to stand that the GM is the one who let him roll Know:Arcana on no information, as he shouldn't have even known to eavesdrop on you as you were at the other end of the bazaar, or made him roll a perception check first to say "Hey, what's the healer up to?" In short, the player used player info to put the character in striking distance, and the GM let him...

You should also not be the one to shoulder the whole cost of healing; if a PC had to get healing from an NPC, they would/should have to stump up cost for it (Or you could get the others to buy the ingredients/materials for potions/spells then don't charge for the mixing/casting). The same should go for food, inns, enchantments, crafted items if non-PFS, etc; there should be a party kitty for minor maintenance stuff, and rough Personal Wealth By Level tracked for each PC.

In games I'm in, usually we club together for wands of CLW, for example... it seems that the GM is not keeping track of personal wealth either; that armor you sold to get new stuff for the party is all well and good (and if you are charitable religion it can work on a roleplaying front) but that's more of your own PWBL going onto other PCs sheets... they will keep taking advantage of you if you keep being nice.

"These are all the ingredients I could afford; if you want me to cook something you like for a change, then buy me ingredients and a recipe on how to cook it."

If you really want to get him back monetarily and without stabbing him, try find a merchant with a cursed item they want to get shut of and attempt to "buy" it with a certain someone in earshot (or maybe put the "detects as magic but not actually magical" thing on it. The wizard swoops in, buys it and gets cursed...)

Plus it would let you know once and for all if the GM was biased or lax...

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If he's not using player knowledge how did he know that you were looking at a magic ring when he wasn't even there?
Also, did your PC ask the wizard "Why are you being a douche?" and ask the shop keeper "Is this how you conduct business? We had a transaction going, and you just let any one walk up off the street and interrupt? What happened to 'I'll be with you in a moment?'"
The GM for this game is horrible for allowing OOC knowledge to be used for dickery against another PC, and not call them on it, and running his NPCs like shyte.
I would have given the wizard an ultimatum, no ring, no heals, and I would have given that shop keeper a dressing down, and never do business with them again.

zainale wrote:
so i have been playing with this group for what seems like a year now. anyways through this time my character has been romancing an npc he fancies. anyways he decides he is going to buy a gift for his lady love and perhaps move their relationship to the next level and through npc interactions and a well placed perception check was able to find a magic ring that the merchant did not know how valuable it was (a diamond encrusted ring of regeneration). so anyways i made my perception roll walked over to where the npc guide was looking at the ring leaving this other table letting him shop and make my appraise not to good to know what the ring really is but enough to know that its valuable and magical and probably something my character's lady love might adore (i don't think she is human btw) anyways i start bartering with the merchant you know common place bazaar banter he wanted 160 gp for the ring and i was working him down to 145 gp when my wizard friend suddenly rushes over after hearing or seeing what i was bartering for and buys the ring for 200 gp right as i was going to close the deal hand have a wonderful proposal gift. i am kinda upset at this sniping and i think my character would be angry enough to stab this guy in his sleep because he stole the ring he wanted to give to his lady as a token of his affection to her. of course he is not going to kill a fellow party member but he as the party's doctor can just let this teifling (insert f word here) die while he helps everyone and their mounts but him. i think there is a saying out there "don't piss of the cleric or the guy that cooks your meals." or something think that. am i in character justified in not helping this other character when he needs help?

Are you serious?

Your character decided on-the-spot to buy a proposal ring from a vendor well under its value. Another PC decided to rip off the vendor less. And you - the player - think that murder or physical harm is an even remotely appropriate emotional response?

If I was the NPC who's been being courted and I found out about this, you'd be in hot water.

Here are the topics:
1} Proposal. If your character wants to marry this NPC, they should plan for it, search out or make an appropriate ring specifically.

2} Decency. Unless your PC is kind of heartless, don't try to get a "ring for a steal" for your future bride. Maybe she's a thief herself, but most women aren't impressed to find out their partner cheaped out. It makes them think you don't value them. Find a ring that is worth Xgp and buy it for Xgp. A magic ring is inherently going to be 1,000gp or more, so you haggling down to 145gp was being kind of nasty, regardless of if the vendor knew what it was or not. You knew its value. Unless you're a predator and she likes that, don't be a predator when buying her something.

3} Jealousy. Your fellow party member was able to outbid you because you were being greedy. If you had paid actual value, you'd have the ring you want, and a fiance.

4} Psychopathy. It is not a human or even human-like emotional response to think of violence as appropriate for someone outbidding you. This is how shopping malls have Christmas riots over the last whatever-fashionable-thing; crazy people. It's wrong. Maybe your PC is mentally ill. Could be. Not for me to say. But while it might be reasonable to punch the guy's should and say "dude, not cool... I was gonna buy that for my lady... let's go get a drink, on you", it's entirely different to think violence is appropriate. It's not.

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TIL haggling is evil

I dunno, if you say your character is NG and is considering murdering someone out of jealousy and greed, well, I'd say your character isn't as good as you claim they are.

Yeah, I'd agree that letting the wizard die is overkill, although treating them like the jerk they sound like makes complete sense.

As for the topic question? Yes. Yes I have. Mostly my paladin wanting to stab the party psion, for constant antics like her shoot first, ask questions later attitude toward everyone we met, stealing from a sacred tomb and then wanting to blow it up, and generally always being one to suggest Method Evil.

Usually didn't want to kill her, of course. Just rough her up a little. Or a lot. Probably heal her afterward. But still.

Honey! I got you this ring to symbolize our love!

How thoughtful!

Yeah! And I got it really cheap too! It's magic... so maybe it's cursed. I dunno. I didn't check.

You're willing to stab a guy for 40 bucks? That doesn't say much about you. If you'd stated you'd buy it for 160 and didn't bargain rather than waste time over 15 gold you'd be engaged right now.

Also... the guy would spend party funds to outbid you? Let's be honest, if that happened you wouldn't need to stab him. If you trust this guy so little with party funds, maybe get someone else to hold it.

But not you. You'd watch a man bleed over 40 gold. I would trust you to hold my cash.

I actually got to do it openly for several rounds.

BBEG was an abolith, and it had dominated me. [Bad will save.] Did not dominate the oracle. He had been sniping at my character for a while [alignment conflict as roleplay, so reasonable], and so my character had no issue attacking the oracle.

However, I get no fun from PvP, so I play my alignment in a way that allows coexistence with him.

Now to your problems. I have also had to deal with it.
1) Player has to be the center of attention.
The wizard hears the GM roleplay with your character, and realizes something interesting is happening. He then breaks off what he is doing in order to horn in on your action.

2) GM passivity that allows an attention whore to grab the attention.
The GM should have told the wizard he had no way to know you were up to something with a magic item, especially since you made the bluff to fool the merchant whose job is to pay attention to potential customers.

3) GM renigging on the sale.
Not sure if the deal had been agreed to, but if it had, and you were just counting coin, then his sniping means that the GM had the merchant sell the ring you just bought.

1) Tell the player that his character is not there, and in no position to take any actions regarding your deal with the merchant. Also tell him that his own actions with his roleplay are taking place at the exact same time, and that he cannot be two places at once.

2) Tell the GM that allowing the wizard to steal the scene is neither legal nor fun, and that he should not allow the PC to even attempt stuff like that.

3) Tell the GM that he just had the NPC sell your ring, and not one that belonged to the NPC. Tell him that if he does not rewind the event, that you will spread TRUE tales of the merchant's double dealings, and will ruin the merchant's name.

Should the player try stealing the scene again, speak up. Call attention that he is stealing your fun and accuse him of being an attention whore.

If the player and GM don't stop this poor behavior, then when it next time it happens, pack up then and there and tell them that their poor behavior has taken all the fun out of the game. Then leave.

The next session, when you arrive, tell them flat out, in front of everyone that you will not accept such rude behavior.

How far you want to take it, depends on your dynamic, but no game is better than a game of no fun.


You have some recourse. You could call in a paladin of Abadar.

If a deal and bargain was struck and agreed upon, they would make the merchant reconsider his reneging. It's kind of what they do. They couldn't of course guarantee total satisfaction, and this may end up costing you if the fact the ring being magical comes to light (as you knew the value of the item was more than the offer) but it would be a fun thing to play out.

If you choose to stab your friends first, you may experience the downside of paladins too.

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IC: *sighs* "Sir, I believe we already had a deal. If you're the sort whose word can't be trusted you probably shouldn't be running a store."
NPC: "Look, sorry to disappoint you, but until I have the money in my hands it isn't a deal yet. Or would you have me take 'deals' from men who claim to be rich and ask me to hold onto something for them without nary a copper piece as collateral?"
IC "I suppose there's wisdom to that. Fine then. But before he hands you his money, Id like you to take this small sum of gold and use it to get that ring appraised by a professional. That way you can tell that I'm not lying g when I say it's worth at least ten times the amount hes buying it for."
Jerk PC: "What?! No fair!"
OOC: "You were about to steal my purchase from me, the only reason you even could was because the GM allowed you to make a check from across the bazaar to ID the ring, and you're complaining about 'fair'?"

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Absolutely I've had characters want to stab/harm/etc other characters.
Most times it's just a passing thought of frustration (that gets narrated during play because that adds to the story for the other PLAYERS to know.
But some of them have also done so....

1) We're playing 1e a year or so back. One of the guys characters has a (justifiable) problem with the 2 1/2orcs in the party. So as we're climbing up a dangerous cliff he sees a great chance to off them. They're about 20' below him on the rope. So he decides upon cutting it & claiming to the rest of the party that it snapped.
He considered my dwarf bounty hunter (fighter with tracking prof) - who was bringing up the very rear below the 1/2orcs - to be acceptable collateral damage. :(
Make no mistake, I had no great use for the two green-skins either.... Had he timed his treachery better I'd likely have been "Meh, they had it coming."
But he didn't.
And he failed to kill any of us. So when we eventually crawled out of the chasm all 3 of us now had a common purpose. Someone spotted us coming into town & word got back to him. He tried to flee. He discovered that while the tracking proficiency isn't = to what a ranger can do, it's still plenty good & that all three of us had it.
He tried to appeal to the DM. The DM replied that he was the dumb*&^ that cut the rope & that what was going on was between us players.
Some dice rolling ensues and the players generating a new character for next week.

2) We're playing PF: This campaign is as much social interaction, prestige & status as it is monster fighting.
We're attending a ball hosted by our patron, my PCs liege. One of the idiots (another PC) directly insults her. To her face. In the middle of her own house & party.
DM narrates how there's a split second as NPCs & other PCs alike stair in shock at the lout.
I respond by having my PC backhand him across the face (I had a 24 str atm) & immediately challenge him to a duel.
We had to burn a raise dead scroll to fix him....

3) Our current PF game:
The DM had us each make two PCs. Most people I've seen trying to run two characters at the same time don't really do it very well. One character will be dominate & the other will be more of a tool than anything else. Essentially one character, just split in two. My groups not any exception.
But me? I spend 90% of my time as the DM. I'm well used to running multiple personalities. And now I only need to focus upon 2 of them?? No problem! It's like a vacation....:)
So I made a pair of fully developed characters - a Hellknight who despises devils & what Cheliax has become, and a tiefling wizard (diviner) prisoner who's been geased to serve the knights chapter -- who though completely tied together and integrated into the DMs campaign, do NOT like each other. There's no mistaking these two as merely being two parts of one character. In fact, the tiefling is actively plotting harm to the hellknight. (the hellknight, focused upon a task, has arrogantly taken the strength of the geas for granted, not realizing that the tieflings been working on breaking it. {bad dice roils for HK/great bluff rolls for tiefling}
Yes, it'll eventually come to me PvPing....myself.

Yeah, sounds like a crap move by the GM and the wizard's player. Should not have been allowed in the first place. Also, if the wizard is so willing to spend "party" funds for his own ends why does he get to carry the money? Second, holding out on healing isn't so great a threat if he has regeneration, unless he is taking a lot of damage in combat. But if something like this happened to me, I would not do a dang thing for that person ever again. You're the healer? No healing. You're the cook? He can make his own dinner. I would not put another copper into this so called "party fund".

As for the question you asked, yes. I have had many the urge to stab another PC in a game. The best time I got revenge id when my lawful neutral (well, the sheet says neutral, but he is as evil as can be gotten away with in PFS)worshiper of Asmodeus got the chaotic good summoner, along with the rest of the party, to sign a contract with an LE outsider that said if they reveal her or her plan in any way they forfeit their soul. I love Profession: Barrister.

@anguish, Most women I know would be delighted if their man bought them a $90,000 ANYTHING for $160. Who is going into a jewelry store and telling them they are charging too little?

lots of hate for a passing urge and not an urge i had but an urge my character had. and my character is neutral good not neutral nice and if thoughts are crimes then my character is neutral good with chaotic evil tendencies since he wishes to have revenge against a noble that killed most his last party and has a couple trapped for torture and has a bounty out on my character's head. revenge is a dark path a path that he is willing to walk if he can get vengeance for his fallen friends.

and finding that ring in the bazaar was like going to a farmer's market and finding a black lotus for 50 cents or a 1933 Goudey #53 Babe Ruth PSA 7that costs $44,700.00 in a stack of baseball cards for 10 bucks. only to have your brother's friend comes over and snatch the card away and offer 20 bucks to the person who is clueless about what they have.

the reason why he is carrying the party's money is because he has a bag of holding my deceased old pc had spent all his money on so he could carry his complete alchemist's traveling kit w/ all the add ons and other gear. when i made my next alchemist he had already sold off all my old gear and kept my old character's bag of holding. i should see if my Dm will allow his master or family to track down the bag and demand its return along with his body.

is there any negatives for stripping a body of a fellow adventure naked and leaving him to rot where he fell to have his body desecrated or eaten by wild animals or both?

I've wanted to stab a player once or twice, never the PC.

Last session my dwarf's beard caught on fire. Someone said that this wasn't a priority as we were facing a TPK. Before her round her character was knocked into negatives.

I mused out loud about healing her or not...or just doing a coup de grace. She was already written into the book of grudges (yes I keep one at the table). In the end I threatened another character with bodily harm, saying that he couldn't heal her because I had to. Because she owned my dwarf an apology, and thus her life and death was in his hands.

He healed her with all of his healing potions, bringing her back to consciousness. And yes, she did end up apologizing for the slight. As my dwarf is a nice guy he didn't even make her pay monetary reparations, though he was tempted.

Sovereign Court

I've wanted to stab a pc more than once. Examples:

Using the wizard and cleric as cover against the large creature is not a nice action Mr Rogue especially after you spent the first half of the session having your character call ours pansies. I admit to some spiteful snickering when the giant criticaled you in the round after when you moved out of cover from behind the dwarf cleric.

For the love of god Mr Ranger stop using the greater rod of wonder! You opened a gate to Hell on round 1 then thought using it again would fix it? That gate to the Maelstrom and to the Boneyard you helped open really didn't help our level 9 party deal with the gate to Hell and its Ice Devil.

I know you want to fight Mr Paladins but I didn't just spend time opening a lock for the party to sneak in for one of you to walk down the corridor demanding people come out and face you while the other paladin threw open another door starting multiple encounters. My character spits at you from his grave as the only death of that bit of stupidity (though only the sorcerer was actually standing at the end).

One of my characters were a cleric with a bad temper, after some bad news were delivered by a important NPC she left in a huff. Our barbarian followed her out and she in annoyance and anger cast a hold person on him and left him standing there like a statue in the middle of the street.

Thats the closest IC "stab" i have done.

While I do not enjoy PvP, I have been known to exchange blows with other characters when situations come up in game. Always in-character for roleplay reasons. Never due to personal hostility.

I've even been known to kill a party member once or twice, though not without very good reason.

Most recently, my rogue got into an altercation with a party member over some documents she accidently pocketed.

I played in a campaign as a couple of characters, and both of them felt an urge to kill another PC. It was the same player's actually, and it was a different pair of characters each time.

The first, I was playing a CN Human Gunslinger, who had gathered the rest of the PCs to help him track his brother down. The other guy was playing a NE Goblin 3rd party class, which was basically a robot-summoner. His character constantly made attempts to actually stab every other PC for little to nothing, was disrespectful, and generally goblin-like. The only reason my character didn't shoot his was because our LG Monk was amused by the goblin, and pulled enough weight for both of them, so while my character kept the option in the back pocket, he never did.

Eventually, the Goblin went his own way, after the Monk got an alignment drop for helping him murder about ten innocent people, for no real good reason. After the goblin left, he was replaced by a Human Alchemist Drug Dealer, who didn't have any problems getting along with the others.

Soon after, the GM heavy-handedly railroaded the entire party down s*%*-avenue, so another player and I got rid of our old characters, since their plots had kind of been ruined.

I was playing a CN Ninja, who was the Sister of my first character, and the other player who swapped characters had been planning on playing her twin brother, as a CG Warpriest. The plan he had talked me into was having her be very zealous and aggro, and he'd balance her out, which I accepted. Except he decided before the session he didn't want to play that character any more, so he and the DM decided to kill him off twenty minutes into the first session. My character, understandably I feel, freaked out, and demanded they go for revenge against the mysterious figure who had killed him (The GM wanted to sweep the whole deal under the rug, but didn't give much consideration to the fact that my character wouldn't just shrug off her twin being murdered in front of her.)

For some reason, the monk and the alchemist couldn't understand that my character was pissed and grieving, and while the monk kept it cool, the alchemist very loudly and often insulted my character, criticized her legitimate concerns about being covert while hunting a pirate King, and generally being an ass. If the campaign had gone much longer, she probably would have killed him.

No... I have had to restrain myself on players who insist on being offensive to whole ethnic groups, because they claim that a very small subset of said group doesn't mind.

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