Besmara Druid familiars, a request

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Additional resources, The Wormwood Mutiny (Skull & Shackles 1) wrote:

Misc: customized summon list are legal for Besmaran clerics and Besmaran familiars are legal for clerics and rangers of Besmara;

Would campaign leadership please consider updating this text to give similar options to Besmaran druids? Druids can already get familiars via certain of the animal/terrain domains, but of those only one fits Besmara, the Monkey domain. The familiars available to clerics and rangers from Skull & Shackles include much more thematic choices, including Besmara's sacred animal the parrot.

At the moment, a Besmaran druid (such as the Kraken Caller archetype from Dirty Tactics Toolbox) can legally choose the Crocodile domain and get a croc familiar, or the Vermin domain and have a scorpion familiar, but cannot get a parrot familiar without multiclassing or using Eldritch Heritage.

(Yes, I would like my soon-to-be Kraken Caller to have a parrot familiar ;) )


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