Ki powers to qualify for Arcane Archer?

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If an arcane spell is chosen as a Ki power, does that fulfill the casting requirement for Arcane Archer?

PRD wrote:

Spell-Like Abilities, Casting, and Prerequisites: Does a creature with a spell-like ability count as being able to cast that spell for the purpose of prerequisites or requirements?
Only if the pre-requisite calls out the name of a spell explicitly. For instance, the Dimensional Agility feat (Ultimate Combat) has "ability to use the abundant step class feature or cast dimension door" as a prerequisite; a barghest has dimension door as a spell-like ability, so the barghest meets the "able to cast dimension door prerequisite for that feat. However, the barghest's dimension door would not meet requirements such as "Ability to cast 4th level spells" or "Ability to cast arcane spells".

that's the best I could find. there might be a newer errata that I can't find


They used to, but not anymore.

The FAQ vhok quoted is the current law of the land.

Thanks for the clarification, guys. They sure do make things complicated, don't they?


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They did, and then realized their error.

The current FAQ is much more streamlined, and far less abusable.

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