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Hi guys,

For the last 2 years our party switched from using the chessex gaming mats to project maps with Maptool.

Overall is amazing and really speed our time on the table, but it feels that besides auras some spells are difficult to mark on the maps.

So the question here is, for the people that projects their maps while playing what programs do you use and how to you handle the marking of some things like traps, spells, etc.

Which other software do you guys recommend?

Thanks in advance for any input

Grand Lodge

I have been using d20pro the past few months.

Are you talking about individual spell effects or are you asking about Area of effect?

Area of Effects are fairly easy in d20pro (and I thought the rest of the virtual tabletop programs had it built in as well). I have used different colors for different effects: Wall of Fire: Red, Wall of Stone: Black, fog cloud: Grey, Stinking cloud: Green. etc.

Not sure about other software, but one option you have within MapTool is to create tokens for the various area of effect shapes. Use GIMP or other software to create translucent pictures of the appropriate shapes, and then create a library of tokens for them. As long as the players all have access and rights to the tokens, they can add/move/use them at need.

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