EN World wants to cover 3PP Pathfinder news in more depth

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EN World has been reporting on tabletop roleplaying game news for 16 years, since it was Eric Noah's Unofficial D&D 3rd Edition News, and is one of the oldest and largest RPG communities in the world. We have a roster of columnists, including Russ "Morrus" Morrissey, Chris Helton (previously at Bleeding Cool), Darryl Mott Jr. (previously at Ain't It Cool News), Angus Abranson (industry veteran who co-founded Cubicle 7), Michael Tresca (formerly of The Examiner), and Sean Patrick Fannon (of Evil Beagle Games). But we want to do more!

If we can raise enough money on Patreon, we can pay more columnists to cover more topics in depth. One topic which we'd love to cover is Pathfinder 3PP stuff - a current notable gab in EN World's news reporting.

We want to up our game. We believe that good reporting benefits and supports the hobby and the industry.

If you have a dollar or more to spare, please visit our Patreon!


Liberty's Edge


I think more Pathfinder coverage on EN World is fantastic, and long overdue!

That is good to hear, Russell.

Here, Here. :D Great news indeed.

Sovereign Court

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Awesome! Would love to see it :)

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