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I hope this in the right place. So, I was trying to edit some PDFs from Dyslexic Studios, since they don't have Path of War classes. I tried screenshotting the PDF at 100%, putting it into paint, copying/pasting stuff to set it correctly then printing it out.

My problem is that, 100% zoom for a PDF is somehow a 9.5 x 13.5 image, rather than the normal 8.5x11, causing the image to be resized and semi-blurry upon print out. The problem is not with printer settings, since the Paint image measures at 9.5x13.5.

Is there any decent way to edit PDFs without this resizing issue? I've grown to like Dyslexic's three page generic character info over Paizo's two page generic one, but without a preset class, Dyslexic's character sheet doesn't like any of the Knowledge skills or Craft/Profession/Preform.

Must resist the urge to rant about how terrible this approach to editing a document is... okay, I think I'm calm now. But seriously, in the long-run, doing things right will save you time and energy. If you want to take shortcuts for your own hobby works... then whatever, I'm not going to chew you out. But please, if you ever find yourself in a professional office environment, have mercy on your co-workers and do things the right way.

With that out of the way, the immediate solution is to go to print settings in paint and select the option to fit the image to the page. The problem is that your image is measured in pixils, not inches, and there's no guarantee that two different programs will agree on how many pixils there are to the inch. You need to actually tell paint that your image is supposed to fit to 1 page, because it doesn't know that.

I mainly started using paint since I was grabbing bits and pieces of classes for one of my character concepts that did constant class dipping, since printing out an entire page for paladin when I'm only getting Lay on Hands and Mercies is silly when you can spend 2+ hrs editing a document?

Also, apparently editing a PDF for Adobe Acrobat Reader is a Pro-version only thing.

When I was playing 3.X, I had an editable PDF. It let me fill in all the fields, but not save. This allowed printing the sheet with all the details, and automatic calculations also. I found a way to edit and save at one point, allowing me to only do updates as needed.

While Acrobat Writer allows editing, there are other programs that also do it. The biggest problem is having a source PDF that these programs can handle.

Currently, I made an Excel spreadsheet for Pathfinder. It has all the fields as shown in the book, and automatically calculates everything that can be calculated. Works fine for me.

As to your problem, there is also the Print PDF to Image option. Then use Paint to edit the picture. No scale issue.


On Windows, you can actually use MS Word to edit PDFs. It's rather clunky, but it does work.

On all other operating systems, PDFtk is a good free command-line program for editing PDFs. You have to be comfortable using the command-line interface, though.

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Basically it sound to me like you want to make a PDF document into a PDF form fill-able document.

I haven't tried it, but this could help


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