4e Eyes of the Lich Queen?

4th Edition

I don't know where else to ask this, so might as well ask here.
I'm DMing a 4e Eberron group, and we're about to finish up Seekers of the Ashen Crown. They all seem to be enjoying it enough to keep adventuring. I have a copy of 3.5's Eyes of the Lich Queen, and I've poked around the internet seeing if anybody has converted it already. The answer seems to be yes, but its not actually *posted* anywhere, so I was wondering if anyone out there had the work done and was willing to share.


In case anybody finds this in the future-
As far as part one goes, all of the typical enemies have 4e equivalents or can easily be made with templates and level adjustments. The half-dragon mummy was probably the most questionable. Fights need increased numbers from the 3.5 encounters to make up for the power of 4e PCs.

The traps were probably the most difficult thing to adjudicate, and I have no advice there.

Health issues prevented me from DM'ing past part one.

Dot for laaaaater.

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