General Susumu's Glory Domain

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General Susumu is Lawful Evil. His clerics can only channel negative energy.

He grants the glory domain. Its powers rely on channeling positive energy and includes good-aligned spells.


Rubicante, Quindiovatos, Osolmyr and Uruskreil, all evil, have the same problem.

Feels like a case of a writer looking at domain names without actually looking at its mechanics, because 'glory' sounds like the kind of domain the black daimyo might have if you don't look any farther.

In fairness, the Glory domain is kind of weird and I don't really understand the anti-undead bent to it at all.

I guess the Glory domain is taken mostly by the LN part of his clergy.

LN clerics of evil deities still have to channel negative energy and can't cast [good] spells.

Maybe that'd be a good rewrite, clerics of evil deities with the glory domain can choose to channel positive energy, because why would a general not want healers for his army?

Glory as written: Holy destroyer of undead.

Glory as writers think it is: Self-aggrandising heroics.

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It's not like the domain is useless to negative energy channelers. You still gain both the level one and 8 powers, and all the bonus spells. Channeling pretty much sucks anyway.

That said, A reasonable houserule to fix it would be to change it to +2 DC on channel to harm, regardless of energy type.

I suppose having Holy Smite as an evil cleric does let you pull some surprise blasting on your enemies that are also evil.

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Unfortunately, a cleric of an evil deity, even if not evil themselves, cannot actually cast [good] spells. Literally cannot, it's blocked by spells class feature.

Oh, damn. I forgot about that.

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