Thoughts on the 4 upcoming APs?

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There are some more Tian Xia Pathfinder Society scenarios upcoming and those tend to be the best ones. Really looking forward to those!

Adventures in an eastern setting have even less competition than those in space and just because one person doesn´t like them really means nothing.
I´m not particularly into the mythos stuff or anything near there myself, i even find it really boring usualy and the idea of having that unspeakabale horror while you can pawn it at the same time seems ridiculous to me. I don´t go about demanding that never to happen though. I even left my subscription on to give it a chance.

Also Tian Xia is still in Golarion and the Inner Sea only faction seems a lot louder to me. I remember that Iron Gods and no tech rage, which was just as ridiculous. Now it´s one of the best sellers and gets expanded with Starfinder. Good stuff!

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I loved book 1, book 2 was solid & book 3 has some very varied and fun quests:

Still to early to say for sure, but my enthusiasm sank a little because of the strange cover creatures (the all-female iconics backgrounds are cool) and because the AP seems to resolve around a lot of McGuffins/artificially inserted object(ive)s and not around sandbox style warfare.
Also, Molthune seems to play no great part in this, only Nirmanthas.
That said, i´m excited for book 4.

Underwater cities and combat are exciting, but i dont like that the BBE (if true) was already spoilered by Paizo.

Mildly excited. Seems good.

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I'd love to play in Strange Aeons and Ironfang Invasion.
I'm still not sure about Ruins of Azlant. It sounds fun but we'll see.

I will be buying Starfinder and subscribing to the AP the second they'll take my money.


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