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My most recent group has proved to have some of the most entertaining and creative minds for character concepts I've come across in a long time and it got me thinking. What are the most memorable Characters or even NPCs that you've come across your table top?

The two characters that come to mind in my current group are Reiner Reichart the Half Giant Fighter and Lock the Ranger. Reiner is a Half Giant who does not realize he is a Half Giant and was raised by dairy farmers. He lacks any formal education and rarely is able to contribute to many conversations but he just proves so lovable such as believing his sizero is attributed to his having a glass of milk every day. He has a large cow named Bessie he takes care of and has a cow skin cloak over his armor. My favorite role playing moments with him are his atrocious memory and severe tunnel vision. For the first three adventures he didn't realize the group was the same set of people and that they were working together.

My second favorite character was Lock the Elven Ranger with a poor sense of direction. His player requested that survival not be a class skill for him and we incorporated a d100 percentile for which direction he thought was what and it has led to both stupid and awesome results. Once they were tracking a band of gnome gypsies but Lock mistook a two wheeled wagon for the four wheeled wagons the gnomes used and took the fifty miles in the wrong direction. This led them straight to a secret hideaway that an evil merchant was using to raid poor farmers and funeral processions for loot.

An honorable mention will be the Gnome Oracle Keno who had the Metal mystery. His origin was that he awoke in an Orcish temple with a tattoo burned into his forehead. When they tried to kill him he killed them back and found he was capable of crafting marvelous and exotic weapons without any understanding of how he knows. He kept his face concealed behind a metal mask with only two eye slits and eventually joined the party to find out what happened to him. He eventually formed a bit of a rivalry with the dwarven cleric as to who made the better weapons and armor and soon the whole party was armed to the teeth in custom made magic swag.

What are some of the most memorable Characters you've come across?

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