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As anticipated, SyFy has let the old WILD CARDS movie development deal lapse and there was a scramble of interest in picking up the rights to GRRM's Wild Cards series of books. Unexpectedly, SyFy (or at least a producer there) has reacquired them, alongside parent company Universal and its cable productions wing. This is interesting as it gives them more flexibility: the project may end up at SyFy again or it could go somewhere like USA or even Amazon (where Universal co-produces Mr. Robot).

George isn't directly involved (due to book commitments) but series co-editor Melinda Snodgrass will be an executive producer and potential showrunner on the project.

Interesting news, and the buzz this time is that this is probably going to happen, unlike the movie project which lost most of the people pushing for it at an early stage. I could imagine Universal and someone like Amazon being interested in an edgier, different take on superheroes.

This is quite promising.

Hmm.. The budget is going to be a problem due to the super powers.

MannyGoblin wrote:
Hmm.. The budget is going to be a problem due to the super powers.

A 10 ep limited series would help a lot there though.

10 episodes would maybe scratch a few books if they were hacked down. So many characters and arcs.

The Swarm(borg like aliens invade)
The Astronomer (Sadistic psychic)
Ti Malice(mind controling super)
The Aces Abroad arc with them traveling around the world
Puppetmaster and the election arc
Jokers taking over an island with a huge blob Joker running the place
Typhoid Cryoid (The Sleeper gaining the power to transfer the Wild Card virus)

As for characters, Dr.Tachyon is crucial, along with say The Astromomer, Golden Boy,The Sleeper,Fortunano,Modular Man, The Great and Powerful Turtle.

MannyGoblin wrote:
Hmm.. The budget is going to be a problem due to the super powers.

I wouldn't say too much of a problem. Most superpowers can be done with CG and/or wire stunts, and the former especially has gotten a lot cheaper over the years (and it's been viable for tv for over a decade).

Makeup might be an issue though. Probably need a lot of practical effects for the average Joker to avoid it looking too tacky.

TWD and GoT seem to be pulling special effects off well enough for TV. Certainly better than SyFy's usual eye roll inducing schlock.

Meh. I personally don't even think SyFy's effects are too bad on the better shows. Sci-fi effects and overt magic (which GoT has very little of, and TWD has none) tend not to look that great regardless.

Turin the Mad wrote:
TWD and GoT seem to be pulling special effects off well enough for TV. Certainly better than SyFy's usual eye roll inducing schlock.

The Expanse had some pretty great affects as well, so even SyFy can pull it off when they throw the cash at it

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What is TWD?

I've read most of the more recent Wild Cards stuff. I think starting with the Aces Abroad storyline might work. Wild Cards is pretty deep in its timeline and alternate history; it might a bit wonky to set stories in the 70s, 80s, or 90s.


The Walking Dead.

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Yass!!!! This needs to happen, but hopefully on a cable channel like HBO or Showtime that can do the series justice. Wild Cards shouldn't be "network TV" friendly... Dr. Tachyon is a man-wh***e and Fortunato's powers come directly from sex. Chrysalis is walking muscle and sinew, no skin (well, she has skin but it's fully transparent.) Then depending on how far it goes into the series, you've got the twisted relationship of Dr. Tachyon and his grandson Blaise in Jokertown Shuffle and Double Solitaire...

Now, alternatively they could set it in the world with original characters, then just have the established characters as the old guard. Kind of like how you'd run a roleplaying game set in the DC universe. You wouldn't be playing Superman, but he'd be out there.

TV Boot Hill is littered with the graves of options that were never executed.

I'm a bit more hopeful about this one because GRRM is rather more famous (putting it lightly) than when SyFy took out the option first time around. They've also renewed the option, which is a sign that the studio sees increased value in exercising it, and they've both moved it upstairs to the parent company (usually a sign they want to put more money into it) and assigned producers.

It still might not happen, but I think it's got a much better shot now.

Hopefully, but I've seen many companies hang on to options they never get around to developing for the sole reason of keeping it out of a competitor's hands. The way TSR hung on to Dragon Quest comes to mind.

Agreed. Universal did up the amount of money they spent on the option considerably over what SyFy alone paid five years ago, which would be a bit counter-productive if they didn't intend to do anything with it.

Melinda Snodgrass has been quite positive about the project on her LiveJournal and they're already talking about casting ideas.

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