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has there been any updates on retraining traits?
Are there any legal work-arounds like taking and retraining additional traits?

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PFS doesn't have any additional rules that addresses retraining Traits.

Retraining the Additional Traits feat would only replace the extra Traits you acquired with it in the first place.

If there are simply new traits that you want, then Additional Traits is your only option, at least right now. Assuming , of course, that your character no longer qualifies for the free rebuilding rules. If he does, then traits are one of the things that you are allowed to change.

hmm, bummer. I took reactionary level 1 because I didn't exactly know which direction his flavor would go. And now I would kinda like to change it to a trait that gives heal as a class skill. Unfortunately I am passed the legal retraining period.
maybe I should ask this on a different board but...
Do you guys know of any items that give heal as a class skill?


Healer's kit gives +2 to heal checks, and that's almost the same thing.

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don't forget an Ioun stone for the +1.

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Why do you want a +3 to heal checks?


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leonvios wrote:
don't forget an Ioun stone for the +1.

Cracked Magenta instead for +2.

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