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I have several PFS character concepts I’d love to start with a clear idea of the character and their background but far less concept of what actual class they would be!

How would you build these ideas? Any suggestions very welcome!

1) Boglor the Uncomplaining
Boglor is a half orc from Ustalav who has served many masters (mad scientists, wizards, cult leaders) as a henchman, minion & general dogsbody, assigned to tasks such as digging up bodies, disposing of bodies, stirring things in the lab, feeding the horrible monstrosity in the basement, cleaning the ritual chamber after a messy Quilpoth summoning and the like. He’s not an evil soul really but it’s the only kind of work an ugly orc can get at times…

Boglor found himself recently unemployed after some Pathfinders broke into his latest master’s lair and slew the master. To his surprise & thanks to their maxed out diplomacy skills he found himself helping them disarm the late master’s doomsday ritual. This was a massive blot on his resume as a henchman. Realising a career change was needed, he got recruited by the Pathfinders by talking to one more interested in ticking a box on his faction goal sheet than conducting a rigorous interview. He’s happy to take on all the messy, smelly jobs that many society members turn their nose up at.

2) Zagim, the Ifrit Chef
A common sight in the Katheer Lodge of Qadira is a jolly Ifrit trying to persuade any passing Pathfinders to sample his latest recipe. Many of the locals are slightly reluctant about this as an Ifrit’s idea of the mild -> spicy and rare -> well done scales varies a bit from that of the more common humanoid races.

Zagim joined the Pathfinders to explore culinary opportunities – seeking out new animals and vegetables to cook, new herbs, recipes and most especially spices from all about the world. Wherever the Society sends him he frequently seeks out a day job as a cook to learn the local styles – sadly this has left behind a trail of burned out tavern kitchens and traumatised customers. However his ‘Home Cooked City of Brass style Curry’ briefly achieved a legendary status as a test of manhood in the Land of the Linnorm Kings. Zagim hopes to one day bring his skills to the Hold of Belkzen where he dreams the orcs might be more appreciative customers.

The Society sometimes finds more direct applications for Zagim’s knack for burning and chopping things however.

3) Able-sea-orc Lincol
Lincol served with the Andoran Navy as a sailor in the Grey Corsairs before joining the Pathfinder society as one of the crew of the Grinning Pixie. With an innate aptitude for sailing and the sea and all the skills needed aboard a ship, he cheerfully follows Captain Benarry’s orders & has assisted many a more land based Pathfinder when they turn an orcish shade of green and need a kindly soul to help hold them over the ship’s rail. Handy in a dockside tavern brawl or with a cutlass in a boarding action, this half orc sometimes lets his Liberty’s Edge passions run away with him, causing the captain to order him confined aboard the lodge when it docks in certain ports.

4) Little Xemestra
A short Keleshite woman, who almost seems to drown in her many pocketed hooded robe, which only partially conceals a bandolier full of potion vials, scroll cases and other mysterious small objects as well as a scimitar that she rarely needs to draw. Little Xemestra makes her home in Katapesh and is often seen about the markets and the Nightstalls but is most commonly found delivering aid to the poor & desparate, such as medicines to the sick and food to the hungry – whether this is obtained by persuasion, trade, subterfuge or outright theft she never lets on, but she is counts many of the city’s most wretched citizens as friends. Xemestra drifts between all three of the city’s rival lodges, often showing up with rare & valuable antiquities. No one is entirely sure if she seeks out those relics just to fund her charitable works or if the charity is just a way to garner friends & information in the search for what might interest the society.

Boglor could easily be a Slayer with the Cleaner Archetype.

Zagim doesn't have any class that jumps out, could be any kind of fire based caster, even a Blade Adept Arcanist could be a fun twist.

Lincol Freebooter ranger, Cutthroat Slayer, Lore Warden Fighter (for combat maneuvers like dirty trick and skills), Swashbuckler, even a Brawler or a Skald.

Xemestra an Investigator, a Archaeologist Bard, an Alchemist, etc.

Boglor seems like a ranger to me, picking up new favored enemies and favored terrains as the job requires, and trying to pick subsequent jobs to match. The skill with animals wouldn't hurt for disposing bodies or managing other nasties. I'd probably go with either Two-Handed Weapon combat style or Natural Weapon (both in APG).

Zagim screams non-standard druid (at least to me). Drop the animal companion and take the Fire domain, and then enjoy wandering around, oddly adept at setting the forest on fire and then sprinting away with your mysterious mushrooms. If I were playing him, I would also put no ranks into Handle Animal. Ever.

Ooh... Lincol seems like a monk with a few levels of rogue. If you're going Unchained (which, if you can, you probably should) you should look into the mobility-type ki powers: things that let you get around a ship (or over to an enemy ship) with more ease.

Little Xemestra seems like an alchemist. Infusion should be one of your earlier discoveries. I wouldn't focus on bombs for damage (purely from a flavor standpoint), but smoke bombs or other tactical uses could be interesting.

1)This one is probably the hardest to determine. A strength based rogue would be the best fit, I think. Just be sure to have a decent int for insane skills. Also, take the Clever Wordplay trait if you want to have a social edge somewhere (I suggest bluff).

2)I would say Alchemist. Just be sure to use Craft (food) and not profession (chef) to use that sweet intelligence bonus. Sadly the Vivisectionist isn't PFS legal, but you can be deadly enough with knives. I would suggest a high dex (with weapon finesse), pumped up even further with mutagen, and focusing on bombs. Zagim could also be a ninja with some poison related feats and talents, if you desire.

3)Swashbuckler, definitely. You can give him the Corsair archetype as well, but it's pretty weak and you'll have enough sailor flavor from the class and a few ranks in Profession (sailor).

4)I would say that Xemestra is probably an Occultist considering her skill in acquiring artifacts and using magic items. Give her the Dervish Dance feat to make her skilled with that scimitar and you seem golden. If you want a more divine flavor, make her a Reliquarian Occultist and have her worship Sarenrae.

1. Bolgor feels like an Alchemist to me, though apparently the most fitting Vivisectionist archetype isn't legal in PFS.

2. I think I'd be inclined to make Zagim a Flame Mystery Oracle and give him the Rough and Ready trait for fighting with frying pans, cleavers and other assorted cooking tools.

3. Lincol could be fun as an Inquisitor of Cayden Cailean, though you'd need to trade the cutlass for a rapier...

4. For Xemestra, alchemist and cleric of Sarenrae immediately come to mind, but a Dawnflower Dervish bard could also be interesting.

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Thanks all - off to herolab to give these a try!

Liberty's Edge

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1 Alchemist
2 Alchemist
3 Rogue or Brawler
4 Archaeologist Bard

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