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What material are firearms made of? Could you make a firearm out of darkwood or mithral by any chance?

You could but aside from weight savings and sunder resistance you will not notice a difference. Your wallet will but you wont. Even a magical adamantium pistol will explode on misfire without a class ability or specific enchantment to prevent it.

Completely houserule warning!!!

So what I do is allow extra "hits" on the broke scale for special materials before the firearm explodes.

Silver and cold iron = 0 extra misfires
Mithril = 1 extra misfires
Adamantium = 2 extra misfires

oh, for what its worth, bullets will benefit from being made of special materials though good luck getting your GM to give you wooden bullets.

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Not the point whatsoever. The point is weight reduction. I never asked for justifications.

If that is all you are after than yes, mithral will do it for you.

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Yes, so my question is, are early firearms made of wood, metal, or neither, and if the latter, of what?

I believe firearms are normally considered to be made of metal.

The base weight is metal so far as I can see, the weight of the wooden parts even in early firearms is negligible compared to the metal.

The barrel is typically made of iron.

Wooden components wouldn't have much of a factor as the metal components, and is usually superficial.

The listed weight is probably the same no natter what metal you use, unless it is adamantine or mithral, which might increase or decrease the weight respectively.

GhostwheelX wrote:
Yes, so my question is, are early firearms made of wood, metal, or neither, and if the latter, of what?

All be mostly metal in the same way an axe is. If you want to be fancy and have darkwood and mithril I would suggest 2/3 of the weight is metal and 1/3 of it is wood.

As a GN I allow non-striking launching devices to be priced as items rather than weapons, but that is not RAW.

ask your GM but i would argue the most common sense would be metal as the largest component.

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