Unearthed Arcana - The Non-Divine Faithful

5th Edition (And Beyond)

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After last month's lackluster (in my opinion) Unearthed Arcana which was just a bunch of quickbuilding tables, UA is back on form. We've go some divine-themed options for Warlocks and Wizards!

Warlocks get the Pact of the Seeker, which is themed around finding knowledge. Its features are mainly defensive, though at higher levels the ability to enter an Astral pocket plane is pretty neat. Seekers also get a custom pact boon if they like, but it feels lackluster compared to the PHB pact boons.

Wizards get the Theurgy arcane tradition, which is kind of like the Arcane Domain in reverse (that is, you're making you wizard more priestly rather than your cleric more wizardly). It's big feature is the ability to pick up Cleric Domain spells upon leveling up (and only leveling up. No copying cleric spell scrolls into your spellbook) It feels pretty flavorful to me, but I imagine that it would feel overpowered to some GMs.

So, what do you all think?

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It looks neat. It lets you play that White Necromancer trope, the arcane healer.

I think that warlock patron seems more time traveler than space traveler to me.

Good to see some free faithful 5th stuff. ;)

As an added bonus, how about some free quick roll characters for the 5th? ;)

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