Weapons 2 sizes larger?

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I'm confused. Aren't you two arguing the exact same point? That Huge weapons aren't "two-handed weapons meant for characters one size larger than you"?

I don't know if I missed something in the deleted posts, but I'm thoroughly lost on what you two are actually fighting over.

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The main issue is the designation of the weapon when using other feats, Saethori. Mainly, either way, the character can not use a huge two handed weapon with this ability or with the combination of this ability and the other feats mentioned by the other poster.

We say that if an ability lets you wield a weapon as a one-handed weapon. Like the jotungrip of the titan bard, that it's now a one handed weapon. Like you could twf with them.

thaX says that even though you treat them as one handed they still count as two handed and thus you couldn't twf with them.

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And Thax view is That with "you may wield as one handed" there is an implicit "[a weapon of your size]" part included. He isn't alone in this thinking and much of the rules are written to conserve space, to be more conversational and less clinical, and to allow a GM to interpret.

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Probably obvious, but I couldn't find it mentioned in the thread:

If the goal is purely 2 sizes larger than the character, a small character, can wield a large (formerly) light weapon in two hands, and it would be a weapon 2 sizes larger than the character.

The -4 penalty on attack, plus the commonly low strength of small characters and the fact that the weapon would be less penalized on a medium creature, makes this mostly a discarded option. Still, it is an option, even in PFS (and in CORE PFS).

The other big challenge is that oversized light weapons don't qualify for weapon finesse, so you end up locked in with using strength for your light weapon attacks. There are options to work around this, as you could take Hand of the Acolyte (Su) or Hand of the Apprentice (Su) to allow "thrown" oversized weapons using INT or WIS respectively on the attack rolls. There are probably others.

I do understand that the likely point of the thread is regarding Huge weapons on medium characters, but I figured I'd add this for completeness, should anyone find this topic in search later.

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Thank you, Murdock.

Thank You, Mr Risner.

I believe that the OP's question has been answered, and the little post about Earthbreakers, at least concerning HUGE ones, has been discounted. I tend to explain a bit about the interaction of the rules between Designation and Size and there is a few that disagree with me and the written rules. (or my interpretation of what is left out vs. what could be inferred)

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