dedicated adversary / instant enemy question


1)Is this legal ?
Imagine i play a hunter and I have chosen dedicated adversary as one of my feats. Imagine I choose humanoid (human) as the type

As a hunter I gain access to the ranger spell list. As a hunter I don't have any levels that has favored enemy as a class feature.

Can I use instant enemy to treat any enemy as human and let dedicated adversary kick in.

2) Is it a good use of swift action ?

It seems a pretty good feat for a hunter at level 7 (swift, minutes per level, +2 to hit +2 to attacks. Maybe not as good as a animal focus but a more than decent use for a second turn swift action ?

instant enemy doesn't work like that.

1) I believe this is legal.
Instant Enemy lets you treat the target as if it were your favored enemy. I was conflicted at first since Dedicated Adversary is more restricted in that you choose a specific enemy, not a type(subtype). However, since Instant Enemy doesn't change your favored enemy, it just lets you treat something as if it was one, I think it works.

2) Probably not.
At 7th level you've sunk in a feat for a spell you can do less than a handful of times per day for a +2 atk/dmg and some skills.
Rangers start at 10th for a +6 and it doesn't cost them a feat.
The swift action isn't an issue, I don't think the feat i worth it unless your in a campaign where you KNOW you are fighting the same thing for quite awhile.

Also, first post by me, so i apologize if the formatting is terribad.

Humans are a pretty common enemy in most campaigns, so a +2 attack/damage/assorted-skills against them always isn't a horrible use of a feat. And in some cases where you've got the extra swift action and an extra spell slot, I *could* see it being useful in a fight. It's not such a crazy combo it'll blow anyone out of the water, but it's not exactly BAD either.

Care to elaborate Chess pwn? If it doesn't work I'd like to understand why as a learning opportunity


I'm mistaken, it should work okay. I was remembering wrong.

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