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The idea of a short, but maybe able to continue, campaign is bearin down hard on me. I've played a lot of games but only dm-ed for irl games. But I'd love to run a Magnificent Seven riff using pathfinder rules. When it comes to classes, I'd say have a good story. I'd admit ninjas or winter witches if they had a good concept that fits in. Gunslingers obviously allowed, archetypes encouraged. Magic could exist if you explain it in genre or a fusion.

This is just an interest check. I'd have to develop it, but I want to see if there's interest first.

Caveat: race and the genre. I mean human constructs of race, and how that has shaped this country and in ways, this genre. This is a roundabout way of saying stereotypes will not get much consideration as pcs. Characters can be in-world racist, as was prevelent, but expect that to have negative karmic responce, unless we agree on an arc for your character. I'm not interested in hateful for hateful's sake.


It could be interesting.

I also find the idea interesting.

Are you thinking of starting characters or people who have some story behind them?

Interesting... So, I'm guessing that it's a fantasy setting, but with Western sensibilities? I.e. grand vistas, the feeling of exhilarating exploration, the power of the one, lawlessness, industrialization, etc.? Western is more a theme than a setting, after all?

I'm currently thinking more earthly western with technology rules of pathfinder available to male extraordinary folk.

Story behind them has two meanings. A backstory is important regardless. As for starting at something higher than 1st level, I could easily be convinced to do so. These characters tend to not be neophytes. If someone still wanted to start at first, I'd find a counterbalance.

But, again, I could be convinced to go more fantasy or even Golarion based. This is early development, and input is welcome.

Are you familiar with the Wild Arms video games? There was a nice Western that had some fantasy stuff. There is also Deadlands and The Sixth Gun.

I actually had an idea a while back of a kobold gunslinger who uses a dragon pistol over a normal pistol as his starting weapon, calling it his "personal metallic dragon". A mixture of alchemical cartridges and normal shots, I think he'd be a pretty nasty little surprise threat.

Plus, considering kobolds get their own gunslinger class, Bushwacker, I could see a kobold making a good bounty hunter. Or outlaw.

Gonna rustle up all yer dire weasels and steal so many ranch deeds!

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How about a luchador who hunts down bandits with the power of his 24" pythons?

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This would seem a good place for a samurai actually.

Samurai western is the best combination.

I love the idea! Count me in

Count me in toooooooo

*Raises hand*

Theme Song

Offering up a 'Spell-slinger' for the DM's perusal. *Bows*

Will adjust the background since the character was made for a Hell's Rebels campaign.

Just a question. Many moons ago there was an original feat called 'Titan Mauler' where the person with the feat could wield a two handed weapon one handed.

This has since been errated to include the word "Melee". What might the DM's thoughts be on allowing the feat as originally worded?

I ask in the interested such that the character might better wield this or more exactly the lower two pictures.

Heck.. with enough levels, I'll just take the penalties if it comes down to it. :P

This does sound fun.

I'd love to play a Kineticist here who only pretends to use a gun. Or perhaps someone more experimental.

Sounds good.

Thinking Alchemist (Grenadier)

Doc Cassidy. "I can fix that bad tooth of yers, or blow you sky high. What'll it be stranger?"

I think higher than first is basically mandatory (if we're dedicated to the source material in spirit).

Let the incompetent, but brave flunky be an NPC.

Since we're doing a numbers based thing, might as well make it 7th level.

Also considering we should end up taking on an army at once, either Mythic or Gestalt might no be a bad idea (though I do understand the worm cans those open). Perhaps a forced Gestalt with one side defined (like */Samurai or something).

This is a BIG ask but would you let in a Cryptic > Grammaton [Pattern of the Gun] Who uses guns as a means to channel his psionic disruption in shoot outs. Always wanted to play one and IF ever there was a game one would fit into this would be it. My idea is in the Magnificent Seven original western my PC would be the old gunslinger wanted everywhere and with no place to stay. Always being sort out by younger guns. One of my favorite films is the Shootist, one of John Wayne's last films.

"I made my keep killing for hire, I did it for my craft, for the way of the Gun. Now I'm rich but I can't spend it, I'm skilled but there is no place I can go where I am not wanted. So I sit here in this wastland far from anyone, drinking and waiting for the next young gun to come try kill me. All so they can make a name for themselves. Like you stranger, so i'll finish this drink... now shall we?"

Hes a repentant man, who, while seeking to gain in the skill of his art, did not realize the cost inherent in that. He is an outcast with a price on his head, wanted and hounded, A man who's now just looking remediation for all the evil deeds he has done. If asked to do this suicide war, he will just for the offer of food and a bed. He do's not expect to survive he expects to die, but if he dos it will be doing something for the grater good for once.


I agree with the level, you want to go higher with this as gun tricks and shooting feats will only there for higher old hand shooters.

Will the story follow the same root. Guns for hire, guns that have been around a bit.

Hey Digger!

Lets face it, there is always interest!

Would you consider placing it in an alternative dimension where the separate human groups are represented by races?

I have always wanted to play a two gun duelist of mixed heritage, preferably half-elf/half-fey.

Think of it, a half-breed scout with wings, heck he could even be drbuzzards "incompetent, but brave flunky" or GM_Panic's "idol-worshiping teenager" ;)

Grand Lodge

I have a few Ideas bouncing around, I had build a Gelstat Gunslinger/Bard because why not? I also have another idea, so super cereal (Al Gore from south park voice) I will draft a few up tonight.

Robert Henry wrote:
GM_Panic's "idol-worshiping teenager" ;)

Ron Howard at his best, hehe, if we are going Gelstat ill have a think monk would be nice but the hand to hand thing, humm ranger? Will need to think on that.

Name Wise, I was thinking my PC would call himself just Mr Smith, he has a real name, the one on the wanted posters. But he lets other use that.

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I don't thnk we are doing Gelstat I was just saying that I had created one.

Understood, one class i think will give a nice feel as well. More dedicated

the main character I'm contemplating is:
Dune, half-elf Synthesist summoner.
A real ramblin' man that's spent most of his life running around and brokering deals with all sorts of folk-- both savory and unsavory. During his twilight years, he is trying to take it easy, kick back and enjoy the finer things life's got to offer. That is until an old family secret forces him back on the run.


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How about a shaman medicine man type character?

I am thinking of some sort of Alchemist. Probably the sort of person who would consider it absurd that Alchemy is magic.

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I am thinking the SpellSlinger archetype for the Wizard

Loving what I'm seeing here. More specific feedback later. Hosting Star Wars trivia night at one of my locals.

Hmmm,.. interested. Have a few thoughts but, just to narrow down, are occult classes OK?

Grand Lodge

What is your thoughts about "availability of guns"?

@Nohwear:I love Wild Arms 3, had it on PS2 and bought it in my PS4. That's actually one of the first things that pops into my head when I think western/fantasy. That said, I'd love to make a character based off if Clive from that game. He'd he an investigator with that one archetype giving him firearm proficiency.

Raltus wrote:
What is your thoughts about "availability of guns"?

It's a western. They're everywhere.

Loving the samurai/luchador/kung fu direction some of you are thinking in. As for Occult Classes, like anything else, describe to me how it fits in and works, refluffing at will. I will say when I do this (gonna start building it tonight) and when I'm choosing characters, I want the majority to be some sort of take on a semi-traditional western theme. The silent gunman, the gambler, the sharpshooter, what-have-you. I'll be picking some samurai/luchador/kung fu types, but I want them to be the extra spice in a delicious western steak.

Oh, and gestalt and mythic I'm not quite ready for. I think we could do this single-class, 7th level or so. Remember, make it work (Tim Gunn in the house) for the setting, whoever you need to.

I'm interested in this as well! I think a character that focuses on a long gun/sharpshooter type would be interesting. Possibly a "native" that has indigenous living (survival) skills.

So 7th level Alchemist, either a Doc Holliday type, or a Snake-oil salesman.

"Yessiree Folks! Doctor Cassiday's guaranteed Peckerpepper potion. It'll put the spark back in yer marriage, some lift back in yer life. Why I sold a bottle of this to Chief Dead horse and he's been too busy pleasing his squaws to go on the warpath every since! And did I mention it's guaranteed ladies?"

What types of firearms are available? Are we using the Guns Everywhere rules or the Commonplace Guns rules?

How are you wanting to handle stat generation? Thinking either a Paladin or Ranger.

Y'know, I'm intrigued. I love Westerns. Pathfinder can work well with some reflavoring and such, so I'm interested.

Stats is a good question. I love rolling but know these characters should be badasses. I'd say rolling but with safeguards or a high point buy.

Maybe 5d6 per stat instead of 4d6? You could go with 4d6 without dropping, but that can lead to the odd super-crazy stat. Alternatively a very high point-buy but if rolling is more fun... There are lots of options out there.

Alright then, I've got my Alchemist made, just need to do the stats.

stats: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 2, 4) = 9 - 8
stats: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 3, 3) = 8 - 7
stats: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 3, 2) = 12 - 11
stats: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 4, 5) = 13 - 11
stats: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 2, 3) = 13 - 11
stats: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 2, 6) = 13 - 11

Nope. I'll go with the high point buy.

What's the starting gold?

OK, I think I can work up the scout guy (smuggler, sneaky, etc.). Rifle rather than pistol guy.

I'll have to look over archetypes.

What theme are you thinking for the PCs? (Outlaws, bounty-hunters, Sherrif & deputies, Save the town stead etc.)... I've got a few ideas but they depend on the context.


Not quite feeling up to the extra work of playing a summoner, so I'm on to my next idea! It was staring at me so hard, it smacked me in the face!

Arthur Cannon, Human Vexing Daredevil.
Ex-outlaw on the straight and narrow living as a traveling stage magician. Claims that his magic abilities are nothing but mundane sleight of hand tricks or forms of deception. I'll stat him out when I get a chance.

Folks good in a fight and in need of money, refuge, or redemption.

And let's not roll anything yet. I've gotta do the setup work and some town building and such as.

This is truly an interest check. Feel free to develop and brainstorm here but selection is a ways off, and unspecified as yet.

Digger are you thinking core races, or broader or narrower? And since guns are everywhere I assume it will be with cartridge firing weapons not just cap and ball (Not that I can't work with cap and ball ;)

As far as Occult goes, I could personally see three classes working without issue. The biggest thing here is that psychic magic is (mostly) innate, no long study like wizards and clerics. Occultists are probably the one exception to this.

Kineticist isn't that setting dependant if you ask me. It could for instance work with someone who just pretends to have guns to shoot. It would probably be someone who got his ability spontaneously and now just uses it to make a living.

Mesmerist could easily work. A southern belle who's allure isn't entirely natural. An overly charismatic snake oil salesman who could sell everything.

Spiritualist hangs on the phantom and there are plenty of dramatic deaths in western stories. The wrongfully hanged innocent. The ancient native american who got killed to take his land. The hateful bandit who got betrayed and shot by his partner.

Psychic and Medium are a little harder. The most obvious ones would be asian immigrant and native american shaman respectively but I'm not 100% on that.

I think Occultist might just be the only class that isn't that easy to fit here.

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