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What happens if a cleric takes warpirest levels?

As i understand: the cleric should take the same deity, the same domains (blessings), same spell restrictions and code of conduct.

About BAB and saving throws, are literally the same numbers

But about spellcasting: here is when i don´t have it really clear:
The speell allotment per day would stack? so lets say: A 7th level cleric, 6th level Warpirst would have 9+1 spells per day?
Also: if the are both divine spellcasters, their levels would stack to determinate Spellcaster level for spells and feats?

If you are wondering: Why would yo like to cross these classes?
Because Cleric's cool domain powers and Warpirest's Favored weapon and bonus feats.

Thank you.

No. In PF, multiple spellcasting classes (exception being prestige classes) don't stack spells/day and spell level access.

If you had a 7th level cleric and 6th level warpriest, you would have:

4-1st level cleric spells
3-2nd level cleric spells
2-3rd level cleric spells
1-4th level cleric spell
Plus one spell of each level from the domain list.
All using a Caster Level of 7 for any level based effects


4-1st level cleric spells
3-2nd level cleric spells
From Warpriest, using a Caster Level of 6 for any level based effects.

They don't stack the caster level together, even being from the same divine list, at all.

As far as BAB and Saving throws: BAB +9; Fort +10, Ref +4, Will +10
(Not including stat bonuses to either spells/day or BAB/saves)
You would also have 2 separate pools of Channel Energy, one at 4d6(cleric) and one at 2d6(warpriest, which uses 2 fervor to create)

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