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It hardly seems possible that there would be no obituary thread for this AP yet. I am sure that many have died in the battle against the Glorious Reclamation by now. They deserve to be recognized for the great sacrifice that they have made! Therefore, I hereby dedicate this thread to the memory of those who have died in the service of House Thrune!

Let us all remember with wails, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments the first such victim...

Name: Grimgrinn
Race/Class/Level: Elf Magus 3
Adventure: The Hellfire Compact
Catalyst: A Witch with One Mean Staff!

A septet of villains in the service of Archbaron Fex attempted to take the rebel hideout, the Crown of Spears, by storm. Grimgrinn led the band's advance through the treetop fort, becoming separated from his comrades when he leaped across a gap between platforms. He found himself in a fight with Rhysak and a guard. After he dropped the guard with a powerful Shocking Grasp through his blade, he stepped toward Rhysak, the leer on his face matching the sneering skull tattooed on his face. In terror, Rhysak cast a Hold Person spell on Grimgrinn, who unsuccessfully fought twice to overcome the power of the spell. Knowing that Grimgrinn would soon break free of the magical paralysis that bound him, Rhysak desperately attempted a coup de grace with his quarterstaff. He managed to deal only five points of damage; however, it was just enough. His windpipe crushed, Grimgrinn's life fled from his body.

His comrades avenged his death by putting everyone in the fort to the sword. Grimgrinn has returned to the land of the living, this time as a human, but still with a skull tattoo on his face. The group is now en route to Kantaria. One wonders, though, how that tattoo will impact his ability to be effective in Kantaria...

It dawned on me late last night that there was another death in our Hell's Vengeance game, albeit a couple of months ago. It was...

Name: Dareon
Race/Class/Level: Dhampir Sorcerer 2
Adventure: The Hellfire Compact
Catalyst: Caught in the Crossfire!

The band of Fex's thugs (then numbering six) and Cimri learned of the rebel hideout at Fort Estazamo and went to investigate. Going through the front gate, they sprang the trap that had been laid for them. It got bad very fast. Caught in the crossfire between Jexxi Six Splinters (the halfling archer) and Nalingca the manticore, the parties' two healers (Icas the cleric and Lilith the inquisitor) were almost instantly injured to the point of unconsciousness. Icas very nearly died. The rest of the group attempted to regroup, but Nalingca's tail spikes were almost too much for them. Dareon fell to a volley of spikes and everyone else was too busy trying to stay alive and eliminate the attackers. Failing to stabilize, he bled out three rounds later.

The rest of the band barely survived, defeating their halfling attacker and forcing the manticore to flee. (They had Nalingca down to 0 hit points but could not finish her off as she flew away.)

Dareon was not restored to life. Instead, his player has opted to play a mesmerist, which has worked out nicely.

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Name: Gormak
Race/Class/Level: Orc Fighter 3
Adventure: The Hellfire Compact
Catalyst: A vengeful mother

This happened while the party decided to investigate the church after the body of one the twin disappeared. After easily cleaving through the Iomedaean Congregation members, they stepped into the chappel by storage room. The ghast was quickly destroyed, Fifth Sword Allamar having only 2 rounds to cast spells to fight of the intruder before they turned their attention to her.
Mighty Gormak and trusted his "Toothie" were at the front of it all, having previously greatly wounded the summoned celestial dog. Trying to stop the towering mass of muscle covered in oron from reaching her, she cast a Hold spell hoping to take him out of the fight. As the spell's magic paralyzed the orc, she saw he was at the mercy of her summoned creature. Remembering herself that he was the one who brought down the axe on her son's neck, she ordered the celestial dog to rip out his throat. His cleric friend beside him didn't manage to stop the near dead dog from accomplishing his deadly task and Gormak was turned into a blood-fountain.

What a gory ending! It's not easy (for orcs), being green...

I guess Allamar never learned to turn the other cheek and instead subscribes to the "eye for an eye" view.

Does anyone else out there have a HV obituary?

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Well, technically I just ended TPKing everyone of them in Fort Estazano.

apparently if you spread yourself around the manticore only has one target to send a spike volley at

That was a problem for my group, too, and really was the cause of Dareon's death. That fight came close to being a TPK for my group, too. It did not help that they were only 2nd level, but that's because there are so many of them.

I hope your players will want to continue with some new PCs and that they'll have better luck hereafter.

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Ended up pressing the reset button. Gormak's player had finished making his new character so I added him to the fight. With a reset and being aware of what was going to happen to them plus an extra pool of hit points they managed to turn it around

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Name:Lady Maryanne Schwarzeseele
Race/Class/Level: Human/AntiPaladin/Three
Adventure: The Hellfire Compact
Catalyst Cut down by a hated foe

Lady Maryanne was a "fallen" Paladin of Iomedae who found service as a Knight of Cheliax. She soon found herself as "acting Sheriff" of Longacre keeping order alongside a band of trusted deputies using a firm hand. (some would say barbaric cruelty, but that is an unjust slander) She rooted out treason in the church and corruption at the local tavern. She led the valiant fight against rebel terrorists that finally culminated in an assault on the rebel lair in the so-called "Crown of Spears". A loyal soldier of Cheliax to the end, and an up and coming leader and mentor she had only recently convinced the local patriot Cimri to swear fealty and serve as her squire before embarking on her final mission. During the attack on the rebel nest she engaged the rebel leader, a local villain known as the "Angel Knight" wounding her foe several times with her trusty poleaxe. Sadly she was eventually cut down by her opponent. (ooc)taking a max damage critical hit from a paladin who is 'smiting evil' when you are sitting at 4 HP is not a good thing....(/ooc) Despairing at her loss, her valiant comrades retreated, leaving the field to the enemy. She will be sorely missed.

Trench_Raider wrote:

Name:Lady Maryanne Schwarzeseele

Race/Class/Level: Human/AntiPaladin/Three
Adventure: The Hellfire Compact
Catalyst Cut down by a hated foe

** spoiler omitted **

Having served the Empire of Cheliax and our great Majestrix Abrogail II, she has now been rightly judged by Pharasma and is being tended to by our Infernal benefactors. Such a fate awaits all those who honorably serve the ruler of the Nine Hells, Asmodeus.

Name: Stephen (pronounced "Steffen")
Class/Level: Mesmerist 3
Adventure: Wrath of Thrune
Catalyst: The Draw of the Watery Depths!

The band of seven supporters of both House Thrune and Archbaron Fex traveled to Kantaria and began the process of trying to cause trouble there. Unfortunately, Icas (a cleric of Asmodeus) and Lilith (an inquisitor of Asmodeus) met privately with Jonas Reikman in his office and tried unsuccessfully to sway him to their cause. Then, just as they all were exiting the office, Veil (a slayer) attempted to shove one of the guardsmen off the dock into the water. Pandemonium broke out. Since it was high noon, there were numerous guards and dockworkers nearby. The adventurers were winning the battle, but more and more guards came in response to the cries for help that were coming from the docks.

In all the confusion, no one noticed that Stephen had been knocked off one of the docks and into the water. Having a -6 on his Swim checks, he quickly sank. Through an unbelievable series of bad rolls, Stephen never surfaced again, drowning in the Sedna River. With all of the guards, dockworkers, and Jonas dead and the other town guards on the other side of a closed portcullis, four of the adventurers, Icas, Lilith, Garrett (a dwarven warrior), and Saeros (an elven ninja) have decided to try to flee north and east along the coast, while Veil (who started the whole mess and currently has 2 hp) is trying to pose as a follower of Iomedae who was hurt in the attack. Neggs, the party vigilante, has changed to his social identity (Brian Constantine) and is hoping to similarly bluff his way out of the mess.

I think this "sandbox" chapter has just left the sandbox and maybe even the whole park. Next session will be very interesting, to say the least!

Name: Casey
Class/Level: Gunslinger 1
Adventure: Hellfire Compact
Catalyst: The sudden stop at the end of a fall

Gory Details:
The party was investigating the mystery of the Castle Gate coming open. Casey followed a team mate up the ladder in the tower, when the trap door was opened and a heavy chest dropped on the ladder. The ninja took the chest in the chest, and she fell to the ground. Unmoved, Casey continued up the ladder and into the face of the tiny creature living in the tower. A howling fury of claws was not impressed by Casey's mis-firing pistol. Having taken much damage to his head and shoulders, Casey fell from the top of the ladder, and expired before anyone could stop him from bleeding out.

Name: Veil
Race/Class/Level: Dhampir Slayer 4
Adventure: Wrath of Thrune
Catalyst: Investigating a Scratching Noise Coming from Beneath the Floor

As I mentioned in last week's obituary, the adventurers had quite the messy situation at the docks. Stunningly, Veil and Brian Constantine successfully bluffed Oppian and the other knights and squires into believing that they had done nothing wrong. Icas, Garrett, and Saeros all decided to hide in the woods. (Their players all were unable to play tonight.) Meanwhile, Lilith returned to The Little Uskwood, where her attempt to bluff Oppian failed miserably. When they searched her and found her holy symbol of Asmodeus and the sash that Archbaron Fex had previously given her, they realized that she was a spy, placed her under arrest, and transported her to Hardship's Hearth. After she unwisely gave a confession that did not implicate any of her companions, she was sentenced to die by beheading in a private execution in three days' time.

Meanwhile, Veil and Brian Constantine, a/k/a Neggs, stayed at The Little Uskwood, where they met Vincent (a mesmerist who is both the brother and replacement of poor, unfortunate Stephen, who fell in the water and drowned during the fight at the docks). While none of the adventurers are aware of Stephen's death, Neggs and Veil allowed Vincent to join them. Having no healing left, Veil had to rely on his Bandages of Rapid Recovery to heal over a period of two days.

On the second night, Veil, Vincent, and Neggs heard a scratching noise under the floor of the inn. They found the concealed entrance to the basement and descended via the ladder. Veil, who was the only one of the three with darkvision, tried to sneak ahead. However, he accidentally bumped one of his swords against a wall, and a vicious fight broke out between him and Loredana's undead shredskin father (Masimo).

Already weaker than usual, Veil was easily grappled and then pinned (engulfed) by Masimo. By the time Masimo was defeated, Veil was down to -11 hit points. At -13, he would be dead. Three heal checks and two stabilize checks all failed, and so he succumbed to his numerous injuries.

Veil's player is not distressed at all. He loves trying out different characters and is already considering two options for our next session. I anticipate that Veil's replacement and the other five will try to break Lilith out of Hardship's Hearth shortly before her scheduled execution and that Neggs/Brian Constantine will thereafter spy for them in order that they can then utilize guerilla tactics to hit soft targets in Kantaria with lightning speed and then flee to the relative safety of the wilderness outside town.

This has been a surprisingly deadly AP so far, though at least there haven't been any TPKs. Hopefully, though, things will settle down soon!

Name: Thadeus Morris
Race/Class/Level: Human Inquisitor of Abadar 5
Adventure: Wrath of Thrune
Catalyst:Breaking into the Narikopolus Mansion

After taking over the prison, with a quite efficient assassination during the night, the group wanted to move as quickly as possible to kill the next council members. The highest priority target besides Oppian Nevillindor: Faydreth Zaine.

The group snuck up to the mansion and broke in unnoticed through the kitchen. They have scouted the mansion thoroughly before, as Faydreth took quite a liking to the necromancer in the group, but he wasn't with the group, as he was managing the newly conquered prison. The necromancer relayed all the important information to the rest of the group before.

As the group enters the mansion, they hear footsteps from the floor above and they assume that Faydreth is either in his study or his bedroom, so they try to sneak up through the servant's staircase.

This is where things go wrong for the group: Even though they detect a magical trap, they haven't anyone who can figure what kind of trap that it is, besides it being from the illusion school (it is a phantasmal killer trap). First the antipaladin Hellknight aspirant walks through the trap and triggering it and alarming Faydreth, while resisting immediate death (fails will, makes fortitude). After that another party member walks past the trap without anything happening, so they think it is all clear. Thadeus Morris walks through the trap and sees his biggest fear, his soul getting sucked into hell just like his father's, and dies on the spot (both saves failed miserably). After that the fight with Faydreth Zaine ensues and the group barely manages to defeat him, while all members being close to death.

Name: Neo'chu
Race/Class/Level: Human Monk 7
Adventure: The Inferno Gate
Catalyst: Stopped Being Useful

After stumbling in the abandoned aquaduct system in Senara, Neo'chu and his Hellknight partner in crime attempted to do battle with a band of theives. Alone. In the dark. After the fight turned quickly against them, the Hellknight fled the scene, but the monk was not so fortunate. He was captured and tortured for information and found to be more of a liability alive than dead.

Don't split the party!

Name: Valeria
Race/Class/Level: Dhampir Blood Mage 6
Adventure: Wrath of Thrune
Catalyst: A Dire Warning

Upon tripping the traps of Narikopolus Manor, the cunning Faydreth summoned a Dire Tiger to assist him in battle. Valeria's party surged forth through the halls, chasing after the wizard. Valeria attempted a quick vault and sprint to run past the tiger and up the stairs, but was grabbed up in the creature's maw. Six seconds later, poor Valeria was raked to death by the creatures massive claws.

Name: Caldus
Race/Class/Level: Human Shield Master 10
Adventure: For Queen and Country
Catalyst: All Alone

While in the city with with his friend, Caldus encountered a horrific lapsudaemon laying waste to city guards and peasants alike. After unsuccessfully trying to bring down the daemon, his friend Primus fled to get help from the Midnight Temple of Asmodeus, but Caldus stood and fought, eventually falling.

Name: Neck biter
Race/Class/Level: goblin barbarian 3
Adventure: The Hellfire Compact
Catalyst: mobbed in a church.

first to describe of neck biter, a goblin with 5 charisma, wearing over his armor a suit made of dog skins(looks dapper he got a nat 20 on crafting it).

During the event inside the church, it turned into a brawl with the rest of the followers coming to help the priestess, neck bitter was hurt and was transformed into his wearboar form(using rules form horror adventurer) the common people were scared but knew they had to kill the half goblin boar monstrosity. he was brought to negative hp then a coup de grace was done on him ending his life.

Name: Rahl Kel'gari
Race/Class/Level: Human Rogue 6
Adventure: Wrath of Thrune
Catalyst: Falling unconscious while hanging off a ledge


Without a cleric or a lucky string of will-saves, making it to the top of Valor's Fastness was a challenge that left most of them slowed and fatigued. Unfortunately, Rahl and the party's bard reached the top first to be greeted by Oppian and Mindaleil the archon. Knowing they'd stand little chance in a straight up fight, Rahl used his climb speed to cling to the wall and hopefully go unnoticed while the bard vanished and did the same. Unfortunately, an invisibility purge made the bard be visible. They dropped to the roof of the second floor to escape. Rahl also dropped to the roof of the second floor, but only because Mindaleil flew down to strike him and Oppian air-walked off the edge and cut him down to -3. The fall took the rest of his HP.

Name: Wendell
Race/Class/Level: Human Antipaladin 6
Adventure: Wrath of Thrune
Catalyst: A rather hot greatsword

Ready to take Oppian and his archon head-on, the anti-paladin bravely stood his ground on the cursed stairs despite being afflicted by slow and fatigue. They whittled him down pretty slowly to about 12 hp until Mindaleil apparently decided she'd had enough and full attacked for about 40.

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Name: Dillandra
Race/Class/Level: Halfling Rogue 5
Adventure: Wrath of Thrune
Catalyst: Wandering away while trying to be useful

The party decided to explore the Narikopolus Manor in the light of day. While Faydreth is busy preparing himself in the study, the party's beloved halfling "property" decides to help explore to show she can be useful (joined party at level 3). She approaches the staircase and fails to even notice the trap and thinks it would be a great way to sneak up on the BBG. Unfortunately for her, that stairwell was a recipe for untimely death. Before the rest of the party could scream "Dilly, no" she was two steps up the staircase. The next thing the tiny thing remembers, she's staring up at her Tiefling bodyguard wondering why she decided to take a nap and why her nightmares were so bad (we're using hero points)

Name: Ralvaar
Race/Class/Level: Necromancer 5 / Diabolist 1
Adventure: Wrath of Thrune
Catalyst: Coup de Grace

During the final battle with the Governor and the Legion Archon, Riley Kells cast hold person on poor old Ralvaar, which was immediately followed by a drawn arrow coup de grace by a certain female halfling archer from book 1, which has been following the party alongside with Riley Kells, the merry bard from Longacre, ever since the defeat of the Angel Knight... Upon arrival in Kantaria they joined the Governor's forces to serve him as investigators and spies. Their revenge now achieved (whole party is now captured or has fled) they are now packing their bags to move to another town...

Crispin the Slayer has now taken to the streets and is in hiding,
after using a snapleaf to jump off the Valor Fastness's rotunda...

Eron the Fighter is now unconscious but stable, and is being transported to the prison.

Krolmnite the Stargazer is under a charm person by the Vulpinal Agathion, and thinks the small fox-like outsider is his best friend now. Nevertheless, he had to bid goodbye to his new best friend as he is now being transported to the prison (which he now controls,
unbeknownst to the Governor and the forces of the Glorious Reclamation i.e. after liberating the inmates a while back, Krolmnite became their leader, and dressed them up as Glorious Reclamation prison guards...)

Resyra the Witch is now enjoying a deep tissue massage by her lover,
Loredana the Innkeeper (due to player no show LOL!)

Name: Darkstar
Race/Class/Level: Half-Elf Bard (Songhealer) 3
Adventure: The Hellfire Compact
Catalyst: Standing out in the open


The party spread out throughout the rubble, pinned down by the archer who was on top of the wall. Darkstar stepped out into the open and began using bard song. The manticore swooped out, saw only one person in the open, and hit him. Nearly max damage killed him in one round.

Jarlan, Tiefling Rogue
Adolphus, Human Wizard
Torquemada, Tiefling Warpriest

Adventure: Wrath of Thrune
Catalyst: Taking the wrong entry into Valor´s Fastness


Everybody has a plan. Until you punch them in their face...

The group decided to enter Valor´s Fastness through the Window in 2nd floor to the Library. After scouting the area from outside with a spider climb and failing the perception check to detect the hidden enemies by 1 point, the wizard gave green light for the mission.

They used a silenced rock to throw in the window, and climbed down on ropes from the roof of the temple.

Little did they know about the two foo lions waiting for them.

The warpriest failed his perception check in the surprise round, and the foo lions rolled high and got to act before everyone.
Charge-Pounce-Bite-Claw-Claw-Grab-Rake-Rake - and the wizard was almost dead in one round. The second foo lion bit and grabbed the warpriest before he could buff himself to an appropriate armor class. The rogue had no chance to bypass th FR/bludgeoning with his short sword.

In short, it was a massacre.

RIP, or better: may your souls rot in agony for failing house thrune.

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Name: Gazza
Race/Class/Level: Tengu Rogue 2
Adventure: The Hellfire Compact
Catalyst: GM took a smoke break


I had stepped away from the game for maybe 10 minutes to have a quick smoke. We're playing remotely on account of real life events so the party was still roleplaying with each other while I walked away.

Gazza's player was playing his first game and had just wrapped up his first encounter. By the time I got back I was hearing that the party had given their new bird friend a dose of the pesh they'd found back in the jail. Gazza was the second party member to try the pesh and roll a 1 on the save against addiction.

Fast forward a few days and a couple of brutal rolls on the con damage and the party woke up to find their bird person buddy cold and dead in the cell they'd been using to try and cure Gazza of his addiction.

They asked around about getting him brought back. Archbaron Fex totally agreed and brought Gazza back as a mindless skeleton.

Less than 4 hours into his first ever session and the party inadvertently murdered him... classic.

Welp. I hate to be the back-to-back guy, but here we go.

Name: Chorne, Whoremageddon(they're new, I'm being pretty lenient with the dumb)
Race/Class/Level: Blood Rager 3, Cleric 3
Adventure: The Hellfire Compact
Catalyst: Court of Spears assault attempt #2

In their first run at the Court, a PC took the rope bridge trap to the face and the reclamation hadn't had time to repair the bridge. The party arrived at that junction and were engaged by the remaining forces in the area. Due to bad rolls and some iffy choices by the party, half ended up back on the forest floor while half remained above hit by hold person and incapacitated due to A BUNCH of arrows to the face.

The two above wisely decided to surrender while those below were allowed to scuttle back to Longacre. I played out a scene with the captured party members. Chorne decided to chose the path of redemption and Whoremageddon chose to defy her captors. Chorne was shipped off for 'reprogramming' and Whoremageddon was executed.

Depending on how things play out I plan on bringing Chorne back as an antagonist later on in the AP or allow him to be picked back up by the player as an escaped prisoner, bent on revenge.

Near TPK
Names: Moriko, Maelyn, Folkor
Race/Class/Level: Kitsune Bard 4, Dhampir Brawler 4, Human Wizard 4
Adventure: Wrath of Thrune
Catalyst: Random encounter with a Phase Spider


The party, which consisted of 5 members (the two not mentioned above were an Antipaladin and a Vindictive Bastard) were traveling from Kantaria to the Blooming Caves via the carriage that the Brawler had paid for. Moriko, if I remember correctly, was driving the carriage when a Phase Spider appeared next to her and bit her. She failed her initial fortitude save against the poison, and called for her allies. As the fight continued, the other two members mentioned also failed their saves. By the time the Antipaladin and the Vindictive Bastard had succeeded in dispatching the creature, Folkor had fallen, Maelyn was bleeding and dying, and Moriko was on her last legs. With no way to stop the poison and no successful saves or skill checks to do so, Maelyn and Moriko both perished. Archbaron Fex sent new agents to the group to continue their usurping of the Glorious Reclamation's hold on the city.

Name: Bloodsport
Race/Class/Level: Dhampir Slayer 6
Adventure: Wrath of Thrune
Catalyst: A Vengeful Archon

After a long and grueling assault on Valor's Fastness with the Legion Archon, Mindaliel, continuing to harass the party, they finally reached the top of the fortress and the Rotunda. Throughout the harassment, the ranged slayer was the only one able to harm the Archon from range. This leads to Oppian casting Wind Wall on the first round in order to hamper the Dhampir's abilities. The Dhampir moved to the other side of the wall taking a readied attack and an attack of opportunity. After taking a few more hits in the corner from the Archon, the Dhampir manages to escape to the other side of the Rotunda to heal as his allies took on the Archon and Oppian 1v1'd the Inquisitor.
After vanishing in order to get sneak attack, Oppian's use of Invisibility Purge revealed the Slayer. As his health dwindled and Mindaliel now destroyed by Sinderbos, Oppian's last ditch effort was to take someone with him lead to two huge hits on the Slayer, ending his life before the Sorcerer took Oppian out from Death's Door.
First death of the AP for our party.

Name: Eliza
Race/Class/Level: Thiefling Swashbuckler/Fated champion
Adventure: Hellfire compact
Catalyst: Smite evil

Name: Lothar
Race/Class/Level: Aasimar Antipaladin/Oracle
Adventure: Hellfire compact
Catalyst: Smite evil+ an unfriendly ally

Race/Class: Thiefling LG Cleric of Asmodeus
Adventure: Hellfire compact
Catalyst: Crit from 100 to death


The party narrowly, on account of a failed willsave vs command, managed to best the male Dryad, who to be very frank is not a CL appropriate challenge for a level 3 party, as played optimally he would wreck any party of 4 level 3 characters with no counterplay. After healing up, they attempted to take out the boss.
Which was a bad idea, first, Lothar stepped on the trap and fell down, she then smited Eliza, did not fail a reflex save vs grease on her sword, and basically burne through the opportune parry and riposte charges with little issues. Opportune parry just doesnt do much when you Attack bonus is like, 6ish lower.
After an attempt to flee, she simply critted our healer who tried to bargain out of existense, causing the party to try and at least get his body, which resulted in her simply killing everyone, other then Remy the witch who did manage to kill her with a burning hands.
Remy then proceeded to loot the party, send a "u suck haha" letter to the archbaron and buggered off.

We could have won that one, but I basically didnt do the math. As a +2 BAB 20 STR character I needed 17+ to hit her, and I was out of things to target anything that was not her AC.
As a possible nerf way: Calling her out on her "I am last to battle and I have a trap in my temple to Iomedae" behvaiour should be something that results in her plausibly falling.

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