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Is there anything that would allow me to jam a tower shield into the ground to create a small wall? I haven't found any feats or equipment to do so. I've thought of using shield spikes on the bottom to stick into the ground as a creative solution.

I'm pretty sure anyone with the shield gets I'll cover on one side, though that might just be the "tower shield" fighter archetype

magispitt wrote:
I'm pretty sure anyone with the shield gets I'll cover on one side, though that might just be the "tower shield" fighter archetype

I specifically want to be able to plant it so I have a free arm. I'll be using the Trench Fighter archetype, so I'll have guns.

In that case, no. No benefiting from a tower shield without actually using an arm.

Ranged Tactics Toolbox Players Companion has gambion in the equipment section. Large cylinders one can fill with rocks, dirt, etc to provide some cover, can be stacked for better cover. Takes several minutes to set up though.

If you're looking to protect yourself from ranged attacks you could carry potions of entropic shield (50 gold 1 minuet of 20% miss chance for ranged attacks0 or protection from arrows (300 gold dr 10/magic vs ranged weapons).

It's not really a tower shield in the ground, but it is protection.

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Battlement Shield

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I think you are looking for a Manlet... or more likely a (deployable) Pavise... but I don't think they are in pathfinder.

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In general, no, you cannot use a Tower Shield that you have set down.

HOWEVER, there are ways to get COVER, which is almost as good.

Shrink Item can be made permanent, so that you can shrink and expand it at will. Get something as big as you can shrink (or hire a mage to shrink for you). Give it permanent shrink item. Carry it in your hand. On a given combat round, drop it as a free action. Dropping a shrunk item expands it. Now you have cover! Later, when you want to shrink it again, say the command word.

For all your legal tower shield needs consider this screed I wrote not too long ago: Tower Shield Pointers

For my series on sweet sweet ways to get the most out of Shrink Item, read this: Shrinky Dinks!

Finally came back to this thread. This all looks really helpful. Thanks, guys!

Two levels in alchemist and you can get an extra arm.

I think the best way to get this is with the Eldritch Guardian archetype. If you get a tiny improved familiar and take Shield Wall, your familiar can share your space and place its tower shield wherever you want, granting you a line of total cover and +2 AC without taking any actions or hands from the actual character.

Scarab Sages

Well, the tower shield is entirely balanced by the fact that it entirely occupies an arm...

I think you are more looking for a summonable/portable wall, rather than a shield.

Classically, you could slay your mount to create cover to hide behind. I don't think is wholly supported in the rules, but I bet most GMs would allow it provided you aren't using an undersized mount.

Beyond that, I'd look into either summoning walls or creating pits.

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