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I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for the "Beyond the Borders" section in "Scourge of the Godclaw."

Mr. Greenshields did one heck of a job with this piece. The art of having all these nations say they have to do "SOMETHING" and then have most of them doing little to nothing is about as accurate a portrayal of how real-world politics work as you're going to find.

Then there's Nidal. Mind = Blown.

Brilliant twist with the 50-year timejump for that storyline should the GR win.

So, two-part question: Whose idea was that? Did that come from Mr. Greenshields, or did that come from one of the developers?

Also, can or should we consider that an easter egg for a future storyline involving Nidal?

Again, well-written piece. Give yourselves a pat on the back for that one.

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The Nidal outcome was totally Alex's invention, and one that I loved when I was developing it. Given that the entire thing is a "what if" scenario that doesn't impact any canon or future stories set in the world, it seemed like a great opportunity to really shake things up. We currently have no plans to pick this particular storyline up in future publications (in part because we rarely assume any of the events in an AP have come to pass) but that doesn't mean that it can't be the seed of an entire Nidal-focused campaign in your home group.

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Glad you liked it, justmebd.

I missed info about the Shackles on the this article.

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