Running an 8-10 player game HoH

Carrion Crown

Grand Lodge

So far so good. I started with 6 with 2 no shows, then 8 with an additional no show, now its gonna be 10.

Am I managing? So far so good... I am blessed with one player who has seeming narcolepsy so it's not quite as an intensive as it seems.

I am adding a 6th villain of Harrowstone.

'Mother Comfort' from the Undead unleashed book - a variant Allip. I'm going to put her in the same room as the straight jacket in a box... which if you read up on her is rather ironic.

If u can handle that many, go for it. I would definitely be stricter on distractions and also find ways to spend combat up a bit on the players end.
Depending on the players, I would add more enemies to fights, make haunts a lil more dangerous, and play the bbegs smarter than normal.

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