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So, only Natural Lycanthropes can pass the lycanthrope template to other creatures/characters?

When the template is passed from a werewolf to a non-lycanthrope, is the result always a werewolf?

I want a large number of lycanthropes in my campaign to be propogated by my main villain of my campaign, whom I fully intend to be affected by the sway of the moon, just like afflicted lycanthropes, but a small handful of the lycanthropes will be all sort of strange, exceptional types of lycanthropes, like Werewhippoorwill, Wereowlbear, Weresnake, etc.

At the current moment I thought perhaps by the time the villain takes an active role in the campaign, perhaps he might have gained an unprecedented edge over his lycanthropic condition, and learned not to control his transformations from man to beast, but WHAT bestial form he takes, become some sort of a chimeric or zoological lycanthrope.

Any advice on how best to execute this?

Perhaps make him an alchemist. He has captured a virtual zoo of other lycanthropes. He harvests their saliva, and injects people with it after biting them (without transferring his own curse).

That's a pretty good solution, but what about ones he's tried to force to exist, such as Wereowlbear? I'm definitely using the template loosely in some cases (a whippoorwill or thrush is a couple sizes too small for the normal template, and Owlbear isn't an animal, it's a Magical Beast)

Perhaps the villain is the first lycanthrope? Or he had something special about him already, so was an half-dragon, half-fiend or had some other template and the interaction between his blood and the curse caused something different to happen.

Well, said villain was born with the Ravenous template, so Lycanthropy was, for a long time, the only way he was able to bring himself (more so against his will) to commit cannibalism. I want to make him a sympathetic villain by him explaining that he called upon a number of deities (namely Tsukiyo to do something about his lycanthropy, Pharasma to take him, Groetus to just end it all already, and Urgathoa to either curb his cannabilistic appetite, OR make him a member of the undead) but to no avail, so, complicated, but I fully intend that he did as much research and work as possible to become a lich, and part of that was studying the moon's affects on him (so perhaps made contact with the half-fiends living on the moon) and utilised a shard(s) of the Starstone from the moon to craft his phylactery, effectively making him a demigod (since a piece of the starstone is totally different) and in doing so, he claimed for himself a portion of those gods' portfolios and dubbing himself "the Ravenous Moon" when he forsake his mortal name, explaining that HE is the cause of the Temple of the Moon being renamed the Temple of the Ravenous Moon.

So he's a demigod (all) lich (Urgathoa) who kind of still does crave human flesh (Urgathoa) of the moon (Tsukiyo/Groetus) lycanthrope (Tsukiyo?/Groetus?) who seeks an exclusive magic item to this campaign (a page from Pharasma's recordbook, essentially a Death Note) whilst pissing her off (higher population of zombies, zombie whippoorwills, werewhippoorwills, etc) and also a death weapon in the form of a moon-energy-powered replica of Mogaru (Space Godzilla anyone?) as he has grown to be nihilistic, and was assisted in some of his endeavors by evil forces originating in Tian Xia (rakshasa, oni, etc)

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