Feat walls (a rant)

4th Edition

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We just finished a RotRL conversion from PF to 5th Ed. We ended up being 14th level after the finale. I think RotRL is supposed to take you from 1 to 16 in PF. We did it in 13 levels (leveling up after the finale was just gravy).

In 5e you can pretty handily measure the power of a level 1 character, by simply comparing them to some of the monster Manual NPCs.

A level 1 fighter for example is more powerful overall than a Guard (that is described as a city watch or personal body guard). The fighter has similar, but probably slightly more HP, better Ability scores and extra abilities. So a level 1 fighter is certainly not a novice, they are better than a trained, basic level man at arms.

Level 5 through 7 would represent a seasoned or really highly trained elite warrior, aince its comparable to the Veteran and Knight in the MM.

The big difference between the starting levels in 5E and D20 Modern is (for me, at least) pretty vast. In 5E I might not be able to play a multiclass type right away (or one of the hybrid archetypes), and have to wait until level 2 or 3, but in D20 modern it can be level 5 or 6 before your spellcaster can even learn the first spell. Horrid, horrid idea.

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Yeah, d20 Modern should have had an "Apprentice Magic-user" feat that could be taken at 1st level. Or even a background that gave you a couple cantrips and a 1st level spell--or "Apprentice Magic-user" as a bonus feat.

GreyWolfLord wrote:
In which case, I suggest you try the Starship Troopers RPG (built off the D20 chassis and compatible with D20 Future if you wish).

So I bought this book. Just came in. I'm a big fan of the starship troopers book and movie (yes, I know they're different in all ways except the name).

It looks quite fun. The feat walls are very minimal, and I'd probably even make a house rule to eliminate them altogether (instead making feat walls automatically progress up the chain as you level).

Like the 3.X system, I'm not a fan of the cc skills - I'd house rule it to make it more like Pathfinder's model.

Other than that, it looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the recommendation.

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