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Just wanted some clarification about mythic paths and interactions for combat. Playing as Zarlova and took mythic hierophant. I already have +3 in skill feats to wisdom and her divine is +3. After debating tonight with my group I just wanted to confirm that this means, before I even roll a dice, I am starting with a +10 on my combat checks with divine spells (we're on adventure deck 4, assume no charges spent).

So for example using an inflict at this point I would roll:
1d10+3(wis) + 3 (divine) + 4 (mythic charges) + 1d6 (from spell).

Does the mythic +4 also get applied to the roll for my recharge check - so that now I am auto recharging anything up to a +10 as long as I haven't spent any charges?

It seems quite overpowered. Most basic and elite monsters stand no chance.

Sorry if this has been answered - I tried searching for about 15 minutes and couldn't find anything. Just want to make sure I'm not playing the system.

You've got it right. Your Hierophant card adds your charges to any charisma or wisdom check that you make, including your divine checks since your divine skill is based off of your wisdom skill.

While this may seem overpowered, you should start seeing progressively higher combat checks that will warrant the high bonuses (i.e. combat checks in the 40s and 50s). You will also start to run into instances where you will actually need to spend those charges.

Jumping ahead -- to when you get the loot Transmogrify. This spell lets you roll your Arcane/Divine skill plus 1d6 and reduce a monster's difficulty to defeat by that much. Just note you don't add your mythic charges to that roll, because it's not a check. I played this wrong through the whole path.

For Hierophant, your mythic charge bonus applies to any Wisdom or Charisma check you make.

Thanks for the confirmation guys!

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