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Hey there various Paizo people. I've been going through some of my Campaign setting books and I've gotten to thinking. I like Golarion, a lot, but I'm not really all that interested in running APs at the moment or trying to do anything too heavily related to Golarion's more heavily developed regions. I'm interested in putting together a game that takes place in some of the less explored regions of the world. I have a few vague concepts, but I'm curious what kinds of places people would be interested in playing through adventures.

My current thoughts:

Into Darkness
A campaign focused around really delving in to the Darklands and exploring the massive vaults and deepest dangers of Golarion's underground.

The Dragon Kings
A campaign set in Tian-Xia, not related to Jade Regent or any published modules. I have some vague ideas for a story related to the Successor States in western Tian-Xia.

Wild Wasteland
A campaign in the deserts of the Mana Wastes and the Duchy of Alkenstar. I have a few ideas for this one two, involving a plot surrounding the wild primal magic of the region.

A campaign involving the world of Golarion and our Earth coming in to a more permanent contact. A return of magic and mysticism to Earth and the advent of the Industrial Revolution for Golarion, along with the perils of two planes intersecting.

I'm curious what beyond the Inner Sea kinds of games people might be willing to play, so don't think that these four are the only options. They're just what I've been thinking about recently. Feel free to post in with thoughts on both my ideas and your own. I'll see about putting a story together and doing a full recruitment thread at a later date.

Oooooh, I'd love to play in a Darklands game!

But it'd have to be relatively high-level, maybe 10-12th?
And would we be surface dwellers or already living in the Darklands, a la Throne of Night?

I'm going to run one game and have applied for a few others and I'm trying not to over commit myself so I can't promise I would be available, but:

I like the thoughts of Into Darkness and The Dragon Kings. I haven't played in a good Darklands dungeon delve in Golarion in a long time and there's a lot of promise there. Could also have characters be from the Darklands themselves which could be interesting. Something that is initially set in Tian-Xia really makes me want to do something political, get my Romance of the Three Kingdoms on.

Wild Wasteland could be interesting but I'm not all that read up on the region, though if memory serves Alkenstar is where the guns are from and I do love gunslingers.

Earthfinder: I think this would depend on when it was set in our own timeline, the thought of a Shadowrun/Pathfinder hybrid does strike me as something cool though.

Yea, Darklands campaign would greatly interest me. Not sure that 10th level would be needed, but probably no lower than 5th.

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Both the Into Darkness and Dragon Kings ideas look super appealing to me!

All of these look very ambitious! Darklands, Dragon Kings and Earthfinder sound the best!

Oh another vote for the darklands.

Only one I don't have much interest in is Wild Wasteland. The others could be tons of fun.

I'd be interested in Darklands or Wild Wastelands.

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As trawets71, Darklands and Wild Wastelands seems very interesting. And I prefer high level play, if I may say so.

The Dragon Kings and Wild Wasteland sound very interesting.

Darklands sounds cool. Dragons Kings only a little less so.

I played 'The night below' years ago and loved it, I have to agree it's not a setting for low level though.

Dragon kings would be my next pick, Wild wasteland would end up being compared (unfairly) to the Fallout games. "Why can't I craft a dagger launcher?"

darklands or dragon kings would be interesting

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I have some ideas for characters that would go well in either the Darklands or dragon kings.
I've seen a few Iron gods and Rein of winter's flying around... i know because I've applied to both. but beyond that, i have a vanara monk i'm applying for mummies mask, but i doubt she'll get picked...
A campaign based in a jungle would be nice. I like the idea of ancient Aztec... that would definitely be cool.

Darklands would be interesting. There's so much down there, and it is only brushed on in a couple of places (Second Darkness and Serpent Skull AFAIK).

Wild Wasteland seems pretty awesome; fantasy-apocalypse isn't done often enough. Otherwise, Darklands could be interesting.

Oh, I'll throw in another idea: Vikings in the far north. A good excuse for some Norse Saga-like stories.

Wild Wasteland would be cool. That area always struck me as particularly western as well as apocalypse-ish, which could be a lot of fun to play in.

Darklands could be interesting. If it is straight dungeon delve, I'd not be so interested, but a long expedition exploring the lightless world below, with interaction with strange cultures and horrifying environmental hazards - yeah, I'd be down with that.

Dragon Kings would work as well, though I'm more interested in the "near east" of the Inner Sea. We've gotten a little teaser of Iobaria and it is fascinating, but I'm also really curious as to the other areas right on the Inner Sea's edge.

I'd be interested in Wild Wasteland probably most of all. Dragon Kings and Into Darkness would be my secondary preferences.

Not really too interested in Earthfinder.


I'd be interested in:

Wild Wasteland
Dragon Kings

In descending order.

Wild Wasteland, The Dragon Kings, and Into Darkness in that order. Earthfinder, not so much.

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Into Darkness and Dragon Kings both sound fun!

As for other "non-Inner Sea" ideas, Arcadia has always had a very appealing sort of mystery to it in my eyes.

Hmmm, I see that I'm getting a lot of interest in Darkland or Tian-Xia, with a bit in Alkenstar as well. I guess I came up with some good ideas :)

I'm thinking that a Darklands game would be best starting around 6th or 7th level, while I'd start both of the other 2 at around 4th level.

Yes, I was in a 'Throne of night' game that died before the party had done more than meet each other, so I'm eager for some Darklands delving.

Yeah, can't imagine Darklands starting at low level. It would be TPK city.

I'd go as either a Dwarven Ranger or Hunter, someone who really knows the terrain and can survive there.

I have different ideas depending on what you'd go with, but yeah, those three were great ideas.

Hmmm, I've been thinking and the Darklands have been calling so to speak. I'm not going to open recruitment quite yet, primarily because I don't quite have a story down pat and I'd like to know where the plot is going before I start a game. I do have an opening though, so if people are interested in starting to develop concepts.

I can say that the game will begin in the duergar metropolis of Hagegraf, a massive city beneath the Five Kings Mountains where the duergar trade with the surface dwellers (save the hated dwarves), those who dare to make their way through Nar-Voth through the Long Walk, and with the darkest denizens of Sekamina and even the Orvian Vault of the Midnight Mountains below. The slave pits of Hagegraf run deep and countless souls pass through every day, many bound for the slave markets of other duergar cities and the finest kept to serve the powerful in Hagegraf.

would Wild Wasteland come with Airships and related hijinks?

Flying cities exist in Golarion, so it's not impossible.

Oh, and I may very well come back and work on all of these ideas at some point in the future. I just don't want to run too much at once.

Darklands sounds fun.
Either high level or lower level with race builder ;)

kamenhero25 wrote:
Hmmm, I've been thinking and the Darklands have been calling so to speak. I'm not going to open recruitment quite yet, primarily because I don't quite have a story down pat and I'd like to know where the plot is going before I start a game. I do have an opening though, so if people are interested in starting to develop concepts.

I'm very glad to hear that. I've been in too many games where there is an awesome opening scene and then things devolve quickly into random encounters and then die.


Seth86 wrote:

Darklands sounds fun.

Either high level or lower level with race builder ;)

Or mid-level gestalt.


One question before I let myself get too wrapped up in concepts - Are you okay with 3rd party stuff? If so, what are you familiar with? I think that psionics works really well with the darklands. After all, what would it be without all of the mind fla ... er illith ... non-specific tentacle-faced humanoids.

It will definitely be a mid-level start, but likely on the lower end of mid-level. I haven't decided exactly, but I'm thinking about 6th or 7th would be a good starting place.

As for 3rd party, I don't mind it, but I prefer to use mostly Paizo and limit 3rd party material. That being said, I will not allow psionics such as Dreamscarred Press's psionics. I've had several bad experiences with 3.5's power point system and I do not like it or anything like it in my games. Paizo has created their own version of psychic magic that fills the gap rather nicely, so I would suggest using that.

Poor Psionics. You get a bad wrap because people didn't understand you and actively made you way stronger than you were, but left arcane magic alone. XD

Still interested, and thinking about some base ideas.

Alright, Darklands it is. Looking forward to applying.

Dotting in. The Darklands game also sounds cool to me, although Wild Wasteland also piques my interest.

For Darklands I'm thinking a paladin.

color me interested in into darkness and wild wasteland.

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dotting for interest in Darklands or Wild Wasteland

Dotting, I would say darklands or dragon empires. :)

Recruitment is up here.

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