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So, I'm very interested in religion-oriented characters, so I've been eagerly reading up the material on the setting deities (such as "Inner Sea Gods"). However, I've found myself a little confused as to what seems to be a rules inconsistency.

Mainly I noticed some discrepancy between material in Inner Sea Gods and Pathfinder Player Companion: Champions of Purity with regards to subdomains. Champions of Purity introduced a number of subdomains and associated deities. For example, the Revelry subdomain it associated with Cayden Cailean, and the Cooperation subdomain with Erastil. These subdomains (but not others, such as Redemption and Imagination) reappear in Inner Sea Gods, but they aren't part of those deities' portfolios...

Am I overthinking this? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question.

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Revelry is a Subdomain of Chaos, which Cayden Cailean grants.

Cooperation is a Subdomain of Community, which Erastil grants.

To my knowledge you can take a Subdomain of a Domain your Deity has even though it's not listed.

Could be wrong though.

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Not all deities grant all subdomains of the domains they grant. Some subdomains aren't really appropriate (Sarenrae doesn't need Arson, Pharasma doesn't need Undead). There are also a few deities that grant a subdomain but not the parent domain (Valani grants Growth but doesn't have Plant).

In PFS ("rules as much as written as possible, so it works the same wherever you go") you can only take subdomains if those subdomains are listed for your deity in any legal source you have. So if your god has Chaos but not Revelry listed anywhere, you can't take Revelry. If your god has Revelry in one (allowed) source but not another, and you have the book that gives it, you're good too.

The following pages may be useful to you:

Golarion Day: Other Gods and New Subdomains

Golarion Day: Subdomains for Everyone!

Those pages are also considered legal sources for PFS. They've been mostly incorporated into the tables in Inner Sea Gods.

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One of the problems when you make a set list for something, but then add other things to the list without leaving the original list open.

*shrugs* Easy enough to deal with though.

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Ah. So since Champions of Purity is a legal source in PFS rules, I could have a cleric of Cayden Cailean with the Revelry subdomain. Alright. Thanks for the help!

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