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I have an idea for a character who mostly fights with kicks (unarmed strikes) but when stuff gets real can pull out a pair of claws and get two extra attacks per round. I've got that part handled (1 level of bloodrager with a bloodline that gives claws when bloodraging) but I'm struggling with the baseline unarmed build.

Monk or Brawler are the obvious choices, but neither flurries work with natural weapons. Is there a viable unarmed build that doesn't use either?

I'd prefer to stay unarmored, but I'm not married to that. I like to have some spells, but again, not necessary. Game is relatively low-op, and if you want to do stats assume a 20 pt buy.

I believe you're looking for this?

Feral Combat Training.

bigrig107 wrote:

I believe you're looking for this?

Feral Combat Training.

My understanding is that that does not allow you to flurry and use natural attacks, it allows you to flurry with your natural weapons. I want to be able to use unarmed strikes and claw attacks in the same round.

Play a Fighter of a race that gets claws (or take Aspect of the Beast). Technically speaking, you don't have to use your hands for an unarmed strike, so I believe you can Two-Weapon Fight with them and get claws as secondary natural attacks. Nice thing is that the natural weapon fighter group includes unarmed strikes and natural weapons, so your Weapon Training bonus will apply to both.

Unarmed Strike is a valid target for the Focused Weapon AWT, which will make it scaled like Warpriest damage (which I believe is close to or the same as Brawler damage progression), so combined with the static damage available to Fighters and the pile of feats you can get, you can make it work out alright.

Unfortunately, the good Unarmed-based fighter archetypes lose Weapon Training (and thus AWT), so your best bet is just vanilla fighter.

Feral Combat Training got nerfed, so it's not really worth it unless you're trying to use Stunning Fist or something (which is bad for Fighters).

you could just take Two Weapon Fighting to do this, but really your attacks will have such a low to hit and damage, it will not be all that worth it. By 6th level you would have 6 attacks 2 @ +4 BAB, & 4 @ -1 BAB, and damage would be(if you have double slice) Str mod for 4 kicks and 0.5 Str for claws.

If you went Unchained Monk, and took Feral Combat Training, you would not get extra attacks from Claws, but they would have no penalties to attack and damage. So by 6 level on rounds you spend Ki you are getting 4 attacks, 3 @ +6 BAB, & 1 @ +1 BAB, and getting full STR to damage, which could be 2 claws & 2 Kicks. and if you took Dragon Style feats Tree, you could get more damage out of your Str Mod. It would be X2 for the first attack and x1.5 for the rest, once you got Dragon Ferocity.

I hope this was helpful for you you

Maneuver Master, Master of Many Styles, Tetori and Sensei monks lose flurry while still keeping at least some unarmed support. Might be worth a look, or at least MOMS is.

The Esoteric Magus is an unarmed build that doesn't get flurry. (Although they can get a 'pseudo-flurry' by using Spell Combat and Spellstrike with a touch spell.)

Teiflings are great for this build and can get permanent claws right away. Changelings (Witchborn) also get claws and have decent stats for the class.

Scarab Sages

A Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy bloodrager is great for this. You get claws from your bloodline, and have an unarmed focus.

Imbicatus wrote:
A Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy bloodrager is great for this. You get claws from your bloodline, and have an unarmed focus.

That does seem to meet the criteria. Nice find!

Silver Crusade

Find a way to get claw, claw, bite. It may be from a race (Tengu) or from a class feature (Dragon Disciple).

These are the feats you need to maximize the number of attacks you can do with unarmed strikes and natural weapons. Get them the way you want:

Improved Unarmed Strike
Two Weapon Fighting
Improved TWF
Greater TWF

Any feats that let you pounce (Dimensional Dervish, Pummeling Charge with Weapon Focus and Feral Combat Training on caws and bite), increase your unarmed strike base damage (Monastic Legacy), add static bonuses to each attack (Power Attack, Arcane Strike, Hammer the Gap, Double Slice) or increase your overall accuracy (Disheartening Display to hit flat-footed AC after the first hit) are recommended.

Supposing you have BAB +6/+1, TWF and iTWF, your routine will be:

Primary kick +4, 1xStr on damage
Secondary kick +4, 0.5xStr on damage
Primary kick -1, 1xStr on damage
Secondary kick -6, 0.5xStr on damage
Claw +4, 0.5xStr on damage
Claw +4, 0.5xStr on damage
Bite +4, 0.5xStr on damage

Several viable options have been presented. The best route for you will depend on various circumstances, including your starting level and expected progression, and what sort of starting stats you'll have. Not having Flurry means you'll probably need to get the Two-Weapon Fighting feat and need a dex of at least 15. (Probably not worth going higher Improved Two Weapon Fighting, especially if you have natural attacks to buff your damage.) If you can't afford that on your point buy, you can consider two levels of slayer or ranger to snag TWF without prerequisites, then just go Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy the rest of the way. You'll get your rage, claws, style feats, and what have you. Style feats are pretty dope for unarmed builds, and help make up for their normal shortcomings for damage.

Bloodrager 1/ Fighter X will work too, but you'll suffer from the normal Fighter problems. You'll have enough feats, but you'll be sinking all of them into this particular fighting style and won't have room to be good at much else. However, it works very well with heavy armor or a shield.

Master of Many Styles Monk would also be worth considering. Their ability to nab style feats on the fly is pretty interesting. Unfortunately, their need to meet prerequisites means it's surprisingly hard to take advantage of.

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