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So, there have been repeated complaints that the calculation of subtiers is complicated. Some ideas were kicked around for how to make it easier to understand in the Roleplaying Guild Guide... and one of them was "why hasn't someone made an app?"

Let me help you with that: Subtierranean is available to do just that task.

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This is a useful tool. The rules still need to be cleared up in the guide, but having something like this is great.

I did find one instance so far where the tool does not seem to be accurate. Season 7, 3-7, players levels 3, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5. Total 28, APL 4.67. The tool reports that players can choose between sub tiers. Its not .5, so they aren't choosing how they round. It should round APL to 5, play up with the 4-player adjustment. So it's only accurate if the line from the guide about being able to choose when no one is in tier applies to all seasons and not just seasons 0-3. I don't actually know the answer to how that is supposed to work, but the 0-3 only crowd seems to be more common from my experience.

Also, it doesn't appear to tell you when to use a 4-player adjustment. Like in the case above, it just says players choose. It doesn't say playing up would be with the 4-player adjustment. It should be, because they are falling between tiers at APL 5.

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Version 1.1 is live and includes more guidance on when to use the 4 player adjustments.

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After playing around a bit with this, it looks like the app has some difficulties with being between subtiers during seasons 0-3. For example, in a 5-9, it's having six-player tables with an APL between 7.0-7.49 play the low subtier currently.

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