Dirty Trick at range


Theres the 7th level Shield Champion Brawler.
The 2nd level Bounty Hunter Slayer. (I'm not convinced this one actually works)
The 8th level Telekinetic Maneuvers talent for Aether Kineticists.
Along the same lines as the Bounty Hunter Slayer, being ambiguously legal, a 7th level Cad Fighter gets a non-specific "if you hit, dirty trick" ability.
A 1st level Skulking Slayer Rogue seems to get it too.

Are there any other ways to do Dirty Trick maneuvers at range?

Dirty Fighter fighter archetype gets a nonspecific "Can use dirty trick in place of an attack" at level 9.

A lot of the dirty trick feats don't specify melee or ranged (Dirty Critical Hit, Dirty Disarm, Dirty Trick Master)

You could potentially combine the Trick Shot ability of the Archer fighter archetype with Dirty Disarm, since the archetype specifically allows disarms at range.

Chain of Perdition and Grasping Tentacles both do dirty tricks - they're both 3rd level spells so no earlier than 5th level characters.

Calistrians with the Trick Spell metamagic feat can use it with Daze at 1st level.

I don't know how I feel about this. It specifies that Dirty Trick is a melee attack normally. So I'd assume that unless it's called out that you can use it as ranged, it's still only melee. Same as disarm.

Thats the way I'm leaning too. Unfortunately that means only the Shield Champion and Aether Kineticist can do ranged Dirty Tricks, as far as I've found.

Scarab Sages

The Mud in your eye feat works, if you are in urban or underground terrain.

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