PFS Scenarios for Teens, Youth, and Kids


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what PFS scenarios are good for Kids (age 6-10), Youth(11-13), and Teens(14-18)?

There is a Beginner Box for beginners. This is probably the best way to start and gets you some tokens for critters. Part of that is the Kids Track.

Secondly, read the reviews. Posters will address themes and topics in the scenarios. Reviews are on the product pages.
Scenarios by season
Adventure Finder by level will be very helpful in your search.
Just because a poster believes Scenario N-NN is okay for [kids] I'd still read it first. You know your kids and are the best judge as to what is appropriate.

Pathfinder is a product for adults and so it's likely you will have to make some changes. Everyone has different sensibilities, so once you settle on something that sounds good, buy it and then read it. Fewer changes will have to be made for Teens as they are more mature.
Violence is a recurrent theme as this is a role playing game where heroes and heroines conquer monsters and thwart villians. It will be up to you if you wish to avoid violence in your home game.

Mostly in this thread we'll see scenarios and modules that you can modify easily or should just avoid.

0-99: okay for [teen] [youth] [kids]
Mod: Name of Module - okay for [teen] [youth] [kids]
AP: Name of Adventure Path - okay for [teen] [youth] [kids]
scenario numbers are abbreviated as 0-99 for season 0 scenario number 99.

PFS Scenarios or just Scenarios don't have to be played under PFS rules. It is your home game and you can play them just for fun.

When you go to a PFS event GMs will adjust the game to be appropriate. However, you should plan to play the game with your child or GM the scenario (as it beats reading a book in a corner or standing around).

You can also run a home game using PFS rules. Just sign up for an event and make it your home game. You'll need to read all the rules and run it "as is" making changes only to what the characters say in the story to make it fit your situation. Lastly you report the results of play using event reporting.

Many of the older scenarios had side missions for faction members. PFS players don't have to do them and frankly they can distract from the main plot. They are Season 0 through Season 4.
Instead see the document or thread Secondary Success Conditions for PFS players if you are playing in the PFS format.
In a non-PFS home game they can be excellent little add ins for some extra gold. Just pretend the factions or town merchant will pay for the items.
As before, some violence is part of the standard game success criteria much like video games. Heroes and Heroines put down monsters, demons, crazy critters and thwart villains. You will have to read and tailor the scenarios if you wish to eliminate or tone down that aspect of the game.

0-01: Silent Tide - okay for [teen] [youth] and with modification [kids].

You fight some undead which could just be bad guys or bad pirates.

0-02: Hydra's Fang - okay for [teen] [youth] and with modification [kids].

Lots of fighting sea monsters.

0-03: Murder on the Silken Caravan - okay for [teen] [youth]. Too complicated for children.

Scenes of compassion and betrayal. In a non-PFS game I'd have the fight occur when the players get back from the temple.

0-04: The Frozen Fingers of Midnight - okay for [teen] [youth] and with modification [kids].

2 Items are artifact class.

0-05: Mists of Miwangi - okay for [teen] [youth] [kids].

Fighting some beasties in museum. Drama in closing monkey scene description.

0-06: Black Waters - okay for [teen] [youth].

Ghosts/undead of unhappy children so too complex for kids. Good halloween romp.

0-07: Among the Living - okay for [teen] [youth].

Kill lots of zombies. Tough evil cleric.

0-08: Slave Pits of Absalom - okay for [teen] and with modification [youth].

Mature topics as players deal with slavers, thugs, and druggies to rescue a Lady. Some tough combats with bad guys. Players get to help clean up some bad areas.

0-13: The Prince of Augustana - okay with modification [teen].

Mature topics of drugs and abuse as players deal with "crazy" old guy then discover he's worse off than thought. You can just not say certain plot elements to make this a happier scenario.

0-14: The Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch - okay for [teen] [youth] and with modification [kids].

Bad guy Torch seems somewhat okay. After bathub scene players get honey-do list.

0-16: To Scale the Dragon - okay for [teen] [youth].

Probably too long, boring, complicated mechanics and a fight too hard for kids.

0-17: Perils of the Pirate Pact - okay for [teen] [youth].

Probably too long, boring, complicated mechanics and a fight too hard for kids unless they love fighting pirates.

0-20: King Xeros of Old Azlant - okay for [teen].

Probably too obtuse for youth or kids. Mystery ship with lots of traps, fights, background info & motives players are unlikely to figure out.

Liberty's Edge

Thanks for doing this.

One thing I would offer is that kids that have played Minecraft will probably be fine with destroying undead like skeletons and zombies.

0-22: Fingerprints of the Fiend - okay for [teen] [youth].

Players have to think quickly and strategically. Probably to long and complex for kids.

0-23: Tide of Morning - okay for [teen] [youth] and with modifications [kids].

Players have to think quickly and strategically, negotiate or fight and then fight... break into 3 sessions for kids and you'll need to prompt them.

0-24: Decline of Glory - okay for [teen] and with modifications [youth].

Undead. Players have to think quickly, be flexible, and have good tactics. Some complex fights. Too long and complex for kids.

0-26: Lost at Bitter End - okay for [teen] and with modifications [youth].

Lots of undead. Players have to think quickly and possibly fail and regroup. Complex fights. Too long and complex for kids.

0-27: Our Lady of Silver - okay for [teen] and with modifications [youth].

Complex plot and very trappy. Players need to negotiate. Artifacts. Too long and complex for kids.

0-28: Lyrics of Extinction - okay with modifications [teen].

Mature subject matters and themes, unhappy undead. Complex plot and players need various skills. Artifact. You'll have to edit some background info as it could get touchy. Too long and complex for kids.


I recognize I might be the exception, here, but with regards to Teen:

I grew up watching films like Legend, Willow, the Neverending Story (hey, we may consider it a kids' movie, but it would be hard-pressed to be made as a kids' movie today), the Dark Crystal, etc. In fact, these amazing 80's fantasy adventure films are one part of what drew me into D&D in the first place. Additionally, by 14, I'd already been watching horror movies for years.

Our games featured a lot of adult themes, and it was part of what kept me interested.

Today's teens interested in fantasy gaming will have likely read A Song of Ice & Fire, avidly watch Game of Thrones, and grew up with the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter films, which are all even more adult-oriented than the fantasy films of my youth. And today's horror movies are significantly scarier than the campy horror movies of the 80's.

My point is, don't underestimate teenagers, particularly if they're clever, intelligent, curious, or avid readers. You probably can adjust a lot less than you think, if anything.

that's fine, but I am just posting an opinion of what I think is appropriate. See the opening posts in this thread.

rather than address my opinion - put up some reviews, that's what this thread is about. Remember you have to stay objective and not get flippant or too humorous. People will scan the reviews and are mainly looking for guidance or things that they want to avoid. So keep them short and highlight emotional or complex/abstract areas. Keep in mind your target audience and the common mean of development (child psychology) as humans grow and learn.
Use the format and spoiler tags. This will facilitate searches in the thread.

I'll have to contain myself when it comes to puns and season 4, Rise of the Prunelords. For clarity, reference the other joke about dinosaurs - pterodactyls...

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