Any "Super Cool" Wondrous Items for a Bolt Ace?


In my current campaign I'm playing a Bolt Ace Gunslinger, and we just hit level 9 and came across 100k gp. I'm leaning towards just being boring and getting a +3 crossbow and upgrading my cloak of resistance, but there are so many good items hidden away in the myriad of books, I was wondering if anybody had any they could recommend.

Thanks in advance!

For sheer coolness factor, I'm a fan of the Cornerstone Crossbow. It basically lets you fire it like a magical grappling hook with a chain of force that pulls you to whatever solid thing you aimed it at. The Sharpshooter's Blade is also a useful thing to attach to a crossbow in case you get stuck in melee.

The Designating ability on your weapon can also be great if you have a lot of martial characters in your party, especially ones with a lot of attacks.

There's also some cool magic ammo, like Splitting Bolts.

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