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Hello Paizo!

I'm back with another conversion of a great 2nd Edition AD&D Planescape adventure book!

Dead Gods - A 5th Edition Conversion

This is a free conversion for all mechanics in the campaign “Dead Gods” from Planescape AD&D Second Edition to D&D Fifth Edition (5e), an adventure for 6th to 9th level PCs. You must own the original campaign book to use this conversion.

In addition to all the magic items, creatures, NPCs, and more – the following are included in this document:

- Variant Rules for using magic to determine information on portals (and a 5th edition version of Warp Sense spell from the Planescape Campaign Setting Box Set)

- A translation of rules for Pandemonium from the Planes of Chaos Box Set (and optional Variant Rules for quicker play)

- Transcripts of all the unreadable pages! If the copy you own has the nine unreadable pages, then this is for you.

Dead Gods was the best adventure published for Planescape. It’s likely the best adventure published for all of 2nd Edition AD&D, and it consistently makes the top ten lists for best adventures published in D&D history – often ranking in the top five. It’s that good.


50 Pages! Whew! This took a lot of work; please donate a few quarters when you get this product. If I make enough money to buy a case of beer, I’ll be happy.

Please note that even thought the price is set at 50 cents, its "Pay What You Want," so you can still get it for free if you choose not to donate. Thanks and I hope you enjoy this wonderful adventure!

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This product has done really well!

I'm almost at copper status, if copper is 50 paid sales. 47 at the time of this posting

thanks everyone for your support! I'm already starting on the next planescape conversion!

I've been a fan of Planescape since I was at university. I'm sure it'll make for interesting reading. :)

Yes... Dead Gods truly IS that good. It has weaknesses, in my mind straying a bit far from the D&D rules in places, but it is possible to deal with.

This would be awesome! But the link doesn't work! can you repost somewhere?

You can find working links in my profile.

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