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Hope everyone is having a great week.

We have created an "Official" PFS Online Discord server to to use for Online Play community discussion, questions, Online Event support, et cetera.

What is Discord you ask?

Discord is a free, web browser-based voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming that is platform neutral. (It also has desktop apps for Mac and Windows, as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS.)

We performed a "soft-opening" test of it during Roll20Con and it seems to work pretty well. (And it has been used for Online Play, in general, for some time now.)

If you wish to join, you can join the server at:

Currently we have it setup as the following channels:

#general : For general chat related to PFS play.

#pbp_lfg : For Play-by-Post(PbP) game announcements and those looking for players/GMs for PbP games.

#vtt_lfg : For Virtual Tabletop(VTT) game announcements and those looking for players/GMs for VTT games.

#links : For posting links so that they can be easily found for other chat channels. This channel is ONLY for links and not discussion.

#ask_the_vos : Have a question for the PFS Online Venture-Officers and require a quick response - Ask us here. (If the question is not urgent please email us at instead and we'll get back to you ASAP.)

#announcements : Channel for PFS Online Venture-Officer announcements.

#table_x_chat / #table_x_voice : Rooms for games, et cetera. Users should reserve both the chat and audio channel of the matching number. If additional rooms need to be added please @ mention @ironhelixx and we will add additional rooms.

#EventNameX : Additional channels will be created for events. Those rooms will persist for 30 days after the event ends and then be removed.

We will likely be adjusting/fine-tuning these channels as we go forward. But this is where we will start. :)

If you wish to try Discord for in-game audio, please feel free to grab one of the available "tables" and have at it. [Please be respectful of rooms already in use.] There are currently 5 game channels available, but we can easily add more as they are needed.

All server chat should be kept "Rated PG" and family friendly.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know.

- Jesse

Jesse R. Davis [IronHelixx]
PFS Venture-Captain, Online Play

Our Mission: To Champion, Serve, Support, and Build the PFS Online Community.

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TL;DR - it's Pathfinder text chat, with voice channels!

On desktop, mobile or web app. Replaces Skype very well, a lot more features.

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It is pretty cool.

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Starfinder Superscriber

Hurm. Do I register as rknop (what I am here) or Prospero (what I am at myth-weavers)? Decisions, decisions.

Liberty's Edge 5/5

Starfinder Superscriber

Well. Registered as Prospero. Made a typo when entering my email address. As such, I will never get the verification email.

Sometimes I make myself facepalm.

Dark Archive 1/5

Guess I should have poked you Jesse to have this setup... Will join when I am home :)

You setting up any bot useage?

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It's worth mentioning, if you're planning on using multiple nicknames across different servers, register your account with whichever nickname you plan to use as your "main" nickname, and then change it to whatever you want once you connect. Once your main nickname is set, you can't change it, and this does affect a few things.

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I have a UK discord server set up for voice, for those this side of the pond..

Shadow Lodge 3/5

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This is the internet, it's international !

Scarab Sages 4/5 5/5 ** Venture-Captain, Isles—Online

discord say you should use a server geographically close to you to reduce lag (for voice)

more details here

however for general chat, lag doesnt matter so i'm pointing people to jesse's server


I vote we get this thread stickied

Shadow Lodge 3/5

It's come to our attention that Discord's default "light" theme is atrocious on the eyes with the light grey text.

To change this, click on the cog button for User Settings in the bottom-left, then go to Appearance, then click the dark image on the left to change to the dark theme.

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Starfinder Superscriber

I don't know why folks do too-dark-grey-on-black.

The Pathfinder Chronicler website was like that last I checked -- it wasn't even light grey, but dark grey -- rendering all of the stories there basically unreadable. I told them about it at a couple of PaizoCons running, but to no avail.

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Now, once a decision for Starfinder Society is made, will they use PFS and have their own channels or will it be a new Discord server with it's own channels?

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We have and Starfinder Society Online on Discord ready to go for when that day hits. :) [Reserved, but not made publicly available until then]

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You sound like you know it's going to happen :)

I would bet on it, but Paizo hasn't said yet if it will.

I also hope they call it "Starfinder Corps" rather than "Starfinder Society". While the latter ties into PFS more closely, the former sounds cooler for a sci fi setting.

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I am so excited for this!


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